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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I've been watching a lot of cop shows lately. I'm starting to notice that each one has...signature dialogue to it. The first one I noticed was on the CSI shows. They're signature dialogue tends to be a cryptic statement made right before commercial. For example..."This looks like a case...OF MURDER." This has become my new thing around the house. I make cryptic statments before I leave the room. "It feels like we've got a case of...THE MUNCHIES." "I need to use...THE BATHROOM." I tell ya, my folks thought it was funny the first two times. Now they're just annoyed.

And then, the Law & Order shows. Their bit has been well-known for some time. Cop makes a bad sarcastic one-liner about the dead body before opening credits roll.

Anyway, tomorrow's going to be a crazy fun day. Mr. Anderson is back in the province, and we had a rough plan to go see Lord of the Rings: Return of the King before he goes back to Vancouver to live in his girlfriend's father's basement. He's down near the Camrose area, so tomorrow, I'm going to drive down to Camrose (2 hours), pick him up, we'll head into Edmonton to see ROTK (1 hour drive, 3.5 hour movie), and then I bring home to Entwistle (1 hour). And then, we spend Wednesday and most of Thursday watching all the Hollywood greats that I love but he's starting to view as "mediocre." Then Thursday, I either take him back to Camrose or dump him off in Edmonton. He's still waiting to hear back from his Edmonton contact....

I tell ya, what I do just to spend a few fleeting hours with my best friend. But hey, it's been a year since I've seen him. I want to see him. Even if it is just a few fleeting hours.

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