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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Day

This day, which I've been waiting for for over a month, has finally arrived.

Firstly, for us Canadians, The Weird Al Show: The Complete Series comes out on DVD! All 13 classic episodes of Weird Al's short-lived childrens show from 1997. As I said, it was supposed to come back a month ago, but for reasons unknown, it got pushed back a month for us canucks.

And, secondly, for you Americans...it's Weird Al's new album, Straight Outta Lynwood!

I pre-ordered the two of them on Amazon.ca over a month ago. Amazon.ca tells me it'll be shipping in a week.

So, while we're waiting a week, enjoy this really cool fan-made music video I found for Polkarama!, Weird Al's latest polka medley:

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