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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Completly and Utterly Ridiculous

This all started a few months ago. When there was nothing on TV one Saturday night, I stuck Die Hard with a Vengeance into the DVD player.

When I first bought the Die Hard Trilogy on DVD some 5 years ago, when my DVD player was new and I was first gripped with the DVD madness, I was thrown into quite a quandry. "Am I buying the Die Hard Trilogy because I like these films, or because they're just the hot DVD right now?"

All these years later, I don't regret buying them. At their core, the Die Hard films are genuinly entertaining.

And, while it didn't make my top 5 summer blockbusters that I'm looking forward to, a big part of me really wants to see the long-awaited fourth film, Live Free or Die Hard, coming out on June 27. If I were to expand my list of summer blockbusters I'm looking forward to to 10, Live Free or Die Hard would make the top 10.

This time around, John McClane is no longer with the NYPD. Now, he's a world-weary agent with Homeland Security. And this time, he's doing battle with a group of hacker/terrorists who want to shut down all the computers in the USA, launching another dark age. McClane has to team up with a hacker he'd been extriditing, and things get worse when the hacker/terrorists kidnap McClane's daughter and hold her hostage. And...he even has to turn to Kevin Smith for help. (Yup, Smith's still procrastinating by acting and not giving us more cool movies. If I remember correctly, Quentin Tarintino went through this phase.)

Die Hard 4.0 (its overseas title) is being directed by Len Weisman, the man who gave us those Underworld movies.

I was looking forward to it...until I saw the new trailer, which went online today.


I've seen my fair share of ridiculous action movies in the past, but this is the first time ever that I was laughing my ass off at how over-the-top ridiculous it is.

I'm always very forgiving when it comes to suspension of disbelief. But this is the first time where, not even I can suspend my disbelief.

This new trailer is just so...freaking...ridiculous. It's so ridiculous, it's fallen off my top 10.

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