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Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Reflections

Man, I can't believe I didn't do my annual Oscar picks at my official website. Actually, I do believe I didn't do it. I thought about doing it, but in the end, I just went, "Meh."

Anyway, watched the big show last night. Thought it was kind of bland this year. However, I do have a few things I want to say.

- Ratatouille won Best Animated Film. No surprise there, as Brad Bird is GOD'S GIFT TO FILMMAKING, in my opinion. I can't believe he told his guidance councillor story in his speech. He tells that tale in every interview he does. Can't fault him, though, cuz it's a good story. And he remembered to thank Jan Pinkava, which I thought was classy.

- The Golden Compass beat Transformers for Best Visual Effects. Optimus Prime defeated by Coca Cola polar bears. Biggest upset of the night.

- Seeing the songs from Enchanted performed live once again makes me sad that I missed that one in the theatres. I'm hitting the city this weekend...maybe it's still playing in the dollar theatres.

- Sweetest moment of the night: when host Jon Stewart brought Marketa Irglova, co-winner of the Best Original Song Oscar, back out to say her thank-yous, cuz her song-writing partner hogged the mic and she didn't get a chance to say hers. Irglova and her mic-hogging partner, Glen Hansard, won for the song Falling Slowly from Once.

- Favourite joke of the night: "Someone just won their Oscar pool based on a lucky guess." - Stewart, commenting on The Bourne Ultimatum winning Best Sound Mixing.

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