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Monday, July 28, 2008

My New Movie!

I made yet another YouTube video about an event here in Athabasca!

This one is called The 49th Street Smorg. Every year, as part of the Chamber of Commerce's Customer Appreciation Day, the businesses of 49th Street serve up free food to all the people of Athabasca! So, you can walk up and down the street, stopping it at all the businesses, and getting free food. It's like Halloween, only in addition to candy, there's also coffee, donuts, and hot dogs. And you don't have to dress up.

Anyway, with camera in tow, I went up and down the street, getting all the free food I could!

And this is my story.

and, since these videos just might shape up to be a regular event, you might want to go check out my YouTube channel.

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