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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Indy and U2 on DVD!

As I said, this is the time of year when all the big summer blockbusters are going to be released on DVD, and today, we got details of the DVD release for the long-awaited return of Henry Jones Jr...Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

It'll be a 2-disc special edition. Disc 1 will have the film and two featurettes. Disc 2 will have a six-part documentary on the making of the film, 6 featurettes, 3 pre-viz sequences, and five galleries of behind the scenes photos.

And for those who have made the great upgrade, it'll also be out on Blu-Ray...the first film in the Lucasfilm library to get a Blu-Ray release.

The big day? October 14.

Oh, and, as expected, for those who have been holding off on buying all the Indiana Jones films, October 14 will also see the release of a big boxed set of all 4 films.

I've also got big news for fans of U2. U2's first concert film, Live at Red Rocks -- Under a Blood Red Sky, is finally coming to DVD. It was originally released straight-to-video in the mid-1980s. For bonus features, the film is being completely re-mastered and given a new 5.1 surround sound mix, 5 previously unreleased songs, and a director's running commentary. The coinciding live album, Under a Blood Red Sky, is also getting digitally remastered and re-released on CD. You'll be able to buy each one separately, or together in a DVD/CD boxed set.

September 30 is the day for that.

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