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Monday, March 30, 2009

My Thoughts on the Family Guy/Star Trek Episode

Stayed up late last night to catch Not All Dogs go to Heaven, aka "The episode of Family Guy with the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation." The set-up: fed up that he never got to ask the cast question at a Star Trek convention, Stewie decides to abduct the entire TNG cast so he can spend the day hanging out with them.

Now, since Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane is a devout trekkie, I was expecting something filled with in-jokes towards TNG, much like Where No Fan Has Gone Before, aka "The episode of Futurama with the entire cast of the original series (except Scotty)". But no. Sadly, the stuff with the TNG cast turned out to be a very weak subplot in a very weak episode.

Essentially, if you saw this preview that Fox posted on Thursday, you saw every Star Trek joke that was in the episode:

Although, I will admit, the one in-joke that didn't make that reel was when as soon as the cast materializes in Stewie's room, Stewie promptly kills Denise Crosby "as a warning to the rest of you." That made me laugh out loud, and I really was hoping for more stuff like that.

But yeah...as a said, it turned out to be a weak subplot in a weak episode.

In case you're curious, the main plot had to do with Meg finding God and atheist Brian trying to convince her the error of her ways. Yeah...it degenerated into Brian preaching the joys of atheism. "Family Guy" and "preachy" don't mix.

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