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Friday, April 17, 2009


Nothing really fancy in this blog entry...just some news that's been bubbling up inside me that I need to share.

First up, news on my hero, "Weird Al" Yankovic! This is, perhaps, a little bit out of left field, but it is very cool.

A few weeks ago, Weird Al posted on his Twitter feed a picture of himself with Rob Zombie and Malcolm McDowell. A few hours later, the Weird Al websites had it figured out.

Weird Al has a cameo in Zombie's upcoming slasher film, Halloween 2!

Zombie officially confirmed it on his MySpace page earlier this week. The set-up: Malcolm McDowell is back as Dr. Samuel Loomis, the psychiatrist who seeks to rehabilitate Michael Myers. He's like the Van Helsing to Michael Myers' Dracula. Anyway, in #2, Loomis has written a book about his encounters with Michael Myers, and goes onto a talk to show to pimp it. And who else is on that talk show? Weird Al!

Wow. Who knew that Zombie is a Weird Al fan? Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 is due out Halloween this year.

It's a proud Pixar tradition to have an animated short film in front of their feature films. Pixar's latest, Up, comes out at the end of May, and they have announced the details on the short film that'll be in front of Up.

Partly Cloudy seeks to answer that age-old question about cartoons: if storks bring babies, where do the storks get the babies?

The answer: storks get them from clouds, who sculpt babies out of clouds.

What happens when a stork and a tempermental cloud get into a fight? Find out in...Partly Cloudy.

Partly Cloudy was written and directed by Peter Sohn, a Pixar animator and storyboard artist who worked on Finding Nemo, the Incredibles and Ratatouille.

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