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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Where Has The Whale Gone?

The Whale Statue in West Edmonton Mall

A few years ago, West Edmonton Mall was blessed by being one of the few places in Canada to get a full Victoria's Secret store.  One hitch, though.  With all these ladies fashion places, they need a place for the bored husbands and boyfriends to sit.  So, as part of West Edmonton Mall's renovations, their beloved whale statue/fountain was removed and a seating area put in its place.

Here's the blog entry I wrote about it at the time.

So, a couple days ago, I was at West Edmonton Mall, just hanging out, catching Monsters University, and as I roamed those sacred halls of commerce, I took to twitter to share my thoughts.

So yesterday, I decided to do exactly that.  I went poking around West Edmonton Mall's website until I found their media contact numbers, and I sent them an e-mail wondering how things are going with the whale statue.  At the time, we were told the statue would be refurbished and put in another section of the mall.  So, I asked, "How's that coming?"

Today, I received a response from Sheri Clegg, one of the Mall's media relations people.  And here's what she had to say:

"The whale remains in storage while renovations to the Mall continue.

At this time no decision has been made as to where the whale will be relocated although a number of options are being considered."

So they're still working on it.  Patience is still called for, and once again I'll be able to toss pennies into the whale fountain.

Oh, wait.  They got rid of the penny.  So I'll toss in nickles.  The value of my wishes will go up accordingly. 


dukeofducks said...

Thanks! I've been wondering about this too.

Anonymous said...

I think that moving the whale over to the Valley Zoo would be fitting and ensure that it is available for people to see and feel.

Anonymous said...

I worked for the mall once, and just observe as I visit from time to time. My thoughts when they took out the whale.. "the whale is history, it makes them no money, we'll NEVER see it again." the malls focus is money. How many big American box stores have moved in? that's where the money is. I believe they only renovated because Southgate and Kingsway did and that's where shoppers started going instead. People like new NOT old. I'm sad too especially at the loss of hamburger man statue, we will miss you. :(

Anonymous said...

It is moving over by Sears