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Monday, August 26, 2013

Quick Trip

As I've lamented in the past, the summer is a busy time for radio folk, as you tend to be live on location from some manner of festival every weekend.  This past Sunday was my first day to myself in a few weeks, so I headed off to the city with little rhyme or reason.

Well, I did have a reason.  I wanted to see Kick-Ass 2!

When Kick-Ass came out in 2010, it was a pleasant little surprise, that tried to answer the question of what superheroes would be like in the real world.  I really enjoyed it, except for the end, when it switched from mocking the cliches of superhero films to embracing them.  And it happened to be a big enough hit since we got a sequel.

It's 2 years after the first film.  Thanks to the heroics of Kick-Ass and Hit Girl, costumed crimefighters are starting to become the norm, and it's not long before Dave Lizewski is feeling the urge and once again suits up to become Kick-Ass.  Not wanting to patrol alone, he soon becomes part of a fledgling superhero team called Justice Forever, led by the militant Colonel Stars and Stripes.  Kick-Ass tries to get Hit Girl to join him, but she's in forced retirement, having promised her adopted father that she'd give up her crimefighting ways.  But she soon discovers that high school can be just as savage a battleground as the city streets, and she's using her combat training to take on the mean girls and try to take control of her changing body.

But all is not well for our heroes.  Red Mist, the son of the crimelord that Kick-Ass and Hit Girl took down in the first film, has sworn revenge!  Reborn as the Motherfucker, he sets out to become the world's first supervillain.  With some hired muscle to form his evil army, our new breed of superheroes and an army of supervillains are soon on their way for an epic showdown.

Well, what can I really say about Kick-Ass 2?  If you liked the first one....  There's a very similar humour running throughout the film, although in this second one, the humour does get a little...cruder.  And in that mold, it's also bloodier, and there's a disgusting and hilarious scene involving projectile vomiting and diarrhea that I just can't erase from my mind.

With Nicholas Cage having been killed off in the first film, this time out, we get another once-great actor who has gained a reputation for being rather eccentric...Jim Carrey.  Carrey plays Colonel Stars and Stripes, and he's pretty good.  He's actually not in it that much, and almost unrecognizable in the make-up they put on him to beef him up.

But the heart and soul of this film is Hit Girl, and her struggle to give up her superhero ways and become a normal teenage girl.  It is almost a coming-of-age film for her, as she tries to figure out her identity and where she belongs.

So, yeah.  I had a good time with it.  I give it 3 out of 4 Nibs.

The complete review is on the website.  

Aside from that, didn't do much else in the city.  Ooo, I heard that The Muppet Movie was just released on Blu-Ray, so I wanted to grab that for my library.   I love The Muppet Movie.  There's some real movie magic on display in that film.  It's one of those movies that's just impossible to hate while you're watching it.

Plus, the song "Movin' Right Along" has been one of my road trip standards since I was 7.

I'd like to sit down and watch it, but it's back to the busy.

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