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Sunday, February 05, 2017

The Targ Returns for February!

Well, when I posted my Christmas special podcast, I said, "Gee, I'd better make a podcast pretty early in the new year, or else the first thing people will see when they come by my website is the Christmas podcast, and that'll get out-of-date pretty quickly." It only took me until Groundhog's Day to do it!

That, and, as I was blogging last week, I figured that there's lots I have to podcast about, so I should get to it.

And here we are with February Special: A Month of Holidays. So what compelled me to sit behind the mic once again?
  • Sharing my woes that I didn't get a Classic NES for Christmas
  • Geeking out over my new phone and my first adventures in Pokemon Go.
  • And mourning the closure of HMV, and reminiscing about all the music stores that used to be in West Edmonton Mall.
And so many trailers came along in January! I've got to share my thoughts on the trailers for Power Rangers, Logan, and Beauty and the Beast.

So give February Special: A Month of Holidays a listen! 

Head over to the main site to check it out!

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