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Sunday, August 17, 2003

As we all know, Freddy vs. Jason is in theatres right now, and I'm watching Friday the 13th part 6 on TV. True, I've never been a big horror guy, but my logic is, "If it's on at 1pm on a Sunday afternoon, how scary can it be?" And trust me, part 6 is more stupid than scary. Anyway, it strikes me that I never really knew the origins of Jason. (Someone told me the origins of Freddy several years back.) So, I've been doing some Friday the 13th research online. Much to my surprise, Jason didn't make his first appearance until part 2 (his mother was the killer in part 1) and he didn't start wearing his trademark hockey mask until part 3 (he wore a pillowcase over his head in part 2). And his origins? Still unclear.

Anyway, my thoughts today are of fast food. This stems from an e-mail I got from Mr. Anderson over the focus of my site. I understand his point that it should just have one focus. But the question is, what should that focus be? He casually threw out the line, "Hell, you may even want to do fast food reviews," and I started thinking, "Why not?"

Does such a website exist? Is there a website out there that provides critiques of fast food like restaurant reviews? I think that is such a great idea. Why couldn't there be an Ain't It Cool News for fast food restaurants? A database of reviews on your classic fast food meals, news on upcoming "burgers of the month," who's giving away what toys right now, genius! As we all know, though, fast food restaurants also tend to do a lot of evil in the world, so there could also be a section called, "Between the Buns" or something that tries to bring us the latest evil that they do, for a complete and balanced picture.

I'm going to go look for such a website.

Next issue...Friday the 13th part XXII: Jason vs. Ronald

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