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Monday, August 04, 2003

OK, I haven't done this for a couple of weeks, but I feel like writing something tonight, so why not this? And, truth be told, this is actually last week's episode of He-Man. But, I have to include it, if only because it tell's the origin of Stinkor, a character that the makers of the original cartoon REFUSED to do because they felt the character would just become "a walking fart joke." So, let me summarize:

The Sweet Smell of Victory - The episode opens with Odephus, a little rodent of a villain (seriously, like only 2 feet tall) robbing some items from an Eternian warehouse. A group of Skeletor's henchmen bust in, also seeking to steal some of the high tech equipment. But, this soon brings in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and a fight breaks out. Roboto (yay!) is with them, and he rips out his BFGs and lays waste to the place. Sadly, in the carnage, the evildoers manage to get away. Odephus, impressed with these evil deeds, follows them, hoping to become one of Skeletor's henchmen. In the aftermath, Roboto sinks into a funk. Because of his miscalculations, he destoryed the place and the bad guys got away. Man-At-Arms advises him not to dwell on this, as it will turn him into his own worst enemy. Meanwhile, back at Snake Mountain, Trap Jaw is using the stolen equipment to finish his latest invention: a device that will remove Beast Man's foul body odor. (Seriously.) Odephus bursts in, asking Trap Jaw to let him into the gang, but Trap Jaw just waves him off. Skeletor summons Trap Jaw, and Odephus is left alone in Trap Jaw's lab. Odephus starts fiddling with the anti-BO machine, and soon it zaps him. It causes Odephus to mutate into the size of a regular human being...but it also curses him with an overwhelmingly bad stench. Unable to bear his own smell, Odephus grabs a gas mask from Trap Jaw's workshop and figures, "Hey! With the power of stench, Skeletor's just got to let me in!" He bursts into Skeletor's throne room, but Skeletor just covers his nose and orders Odephus banshied from Snake Mountain. Feeling alone and dejected, Odephus wanders off in a self-pitying despair, leaving dead plants in his wake. He finds himself a rock and begins to cry. But, sadly, his stench soon wafts over to a herd of Eternian livestock. The smell spooks the livestock, and they take off on a stampede, right towards the Eternian palace! The Masters of the Universe spring into action to ward of this threat. Roboto deduces that, since animals are involved, Beast Man is probably the culprit, and goes off to aprehend Beast Man. The Masters successfully stop the stampede, and Roboto returns, having found no trace of Beast Man. Stratos deduces that these animals are sensitive to smell, so maybe a bad smell set them off. This causes Roboto to sink further into his despair. Turns out Skeletor was watching the whole thing, and thinks, "Ya know, maybe this guy'll be useful after all." Skeletor recalls Odephus to Snake Mountain and hatches a delirously simple plan: Odephus will distract the palace guards (and the Masters) with his stench, while everyone else launches a full-out assault on the Eternian palace. So, Odephus goes on ahead to stink up the place. The plan works, and soon the Masters are running around, leaving the castle unguarded, as they go off to fight the stench. But, before they go, He-Man figures there must be more to this, and spies Skeletor and his troops advancing on the castle. Odephus gets the drop on He-Man, and they begin to fight. It's tough going, though, as He-Man and Battle Cat are almost cripped by Odephus' stench. As all this is going on, Roboto crawls out of his funk long enough to scan the battlefield. He notices Odephus' gas mask. He radios this information to He-Man: Odephus is vulnerable to his own stench. So, He-Man provides the distraction, while Battle Cat sneaks up on Odephus. When he's within striking distance, Battle Cat rips off Odephus' gas mask, and Odephus collapses, overwhelmed by his own stench. He-Man then picks up the lifeless body of Odephus and hurls him into the middle of Skeletor's forces. This causes an immediate retreat. Roboto's role in the victory propels him out of his funk. We end back at Snake Mountain, where Skeletor's forces are scrubbing the stink out of their armor. One inquires as to why Odephus isn't made to scrub, where Skeletor points out that Odephus actually pulled off his part of the plan, and thus proved his worth to Skeletor. Off screen, we hear Odpehus say, "Odephus? Odephus is dead!" He then enters, wearing an orange suit of armor to contain and control his stench. "Call me...STINKOR!"

Next issue...the Return of Snout Spout! (Bring back Snout Spout!)

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