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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Buyer's Remorse

"No, Ralph!"

"We didn't mean it, Ralph!"

"Please don't go, Ralph!"

These have been the cries from Ralph Klein's die-hard supporters for the past few days. We've also been told that switchboards have been flooded with phone calls from Albertans of all walks of life, urging Ralph to stay. But most agree, that with a 55% approval rating, Ralph staying on as leader would only split the party.

The most common defence is, "Well, we just wanted to give Ralph a little nudge, to hurry up his retirement." I guess no one realized that, if you all nudge at the same time, it can add up to a pretty big push.

All I can say is of course everyone supports Ralph now. No one else wants to be "Oberged."

Anyway, Ralph's got the news conference scheduled for 11:30, in which he'll share his plan. And, as has already been pointed out, Ralph's just arrogant enough to say, "55% is still a majority. I got a majority in the last provincial election. The majority still wants me to stay!"

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