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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Holy %$#@

So, the results of last night's Alberta PC leadership review are in.

As leader of the PC Party, Ralph Klein has the support of...55% of the party.

55%! For a man who has consistently scored 95% or higher in past leadership reviews. It was expected that support for Klein would dip this time around, but not by this much.

Wow. 55%. I think the proper, political science term for what happened to Klein is "a kick in the nuts."

Klein has said he's going to reflect and consult with advisors, and announce his next move around the middle of next week. He also added that, in this leadership review, he *did* score a majority. But, in my opinion, for him to try to cling to power with a 40% drop in party support is suicidal.

I think Klein's going to announce his resignation next week. And an era will be over.

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