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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Today's Pop Culture Discussion Question

One of the most famous movie posters to come out of the 90s
I think I mentioned several weeks ago that, to commemorate my new sound system, I fished the 2-disc special edition of Pulp Fiction out of a discount bin.

One of the bonus features that strikes me is this special episode of Siskel and Ebert. At the height of Pulp Fiction's popularity in late 94/early 95, they did this special episode all about Quentin Tarintino. I actually remember watching it when it was first on. It was all about Resevoir Dogs and True Romance and Natural Born Killers and how Tarintino was one of the hottest directors today and how Pulp Fiction was going to change the way Hollywood does things.

(Of course, cuz it's the Pulp Fiction DVD, they edited it down so it only has the Pulp Fiction bits.)

My question: has it? Has it really? 13 years later now, has Pulp Fiction changed and revolutionized the way Hollywood does things?

I think it hasn't. Really got no proof. Just a gut feeling that things aren't much different from when I first started watching Siskel and Ebert 13 years ago.

That, and I don't think that there's been an indie film that had massive crossover appeal...an indie film that burst into the mainstream the way Pulp Fiction has. Well, maybe Little Miss Sunshine last year.

But, I think that, 13 years after Pulp Fiction was going to revolutionize things, things are still pretty much status quo.

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