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Monday, July 23, 2007

Your Link of the Day

John Kricfalusi is a world-renounded animator. Perhaps his best-known contribution to animation was creating Ren and Stimpy. I watch some Ren and Stimpy in re-runs, and I'll confess, I don't find it funny at all anymore, but there's one thing I have to agree to.

John Kricfalusi is a master at what he does.

John Kricfalusi has a blog called all kinds of stuff, in which he talks about some of his upcoming projects, discusses pop culture in general and how it applies to animation, and, most of all, he teaches the fundamentals of animation to aspiring young animators.

For a guy like me, who loves cartoons but can't draw worth a lick, I find it endlessly fascinating.

In today's entry, he talks about "real cartoons" vs. "fake cartoons." If I understand his definition, "fake cartoons" are drawn by artists specializing in realism who attempt to draw cartoons...they try to bring more realism to cartoons, and the end result is...well, not pleasing to the eye.

Just read it.

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