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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fast Food and Fast Movies

Oh, the fast food nerds of the world are on a high!

The McRib is back, bay-bee!

Ah, yes, a fast food sandwich so epic and so mythical they made a Simpsons episode about it.

I have fond memories of eating these as a child in the 1980s. God, when was the last time McDonald's had these? The last time that it was really heavily hyped was in 1994, when the did a whole tie-in with the live-action Flintstones movie. But they had to have brought it back in 1997, because I remember having one on my summer of gravel crusher goodness. Ah, yes, I remember getting off the crusher crew at midnight, hitting the all-night McDonald's drive-thru, and having a McRib picnic under the stars.

I haven't been excited since Wendy's introduced their fish burger.

And because Man cannot live on bread alone, check out this cool new Speed Racer poster.

Not gonna lie...I've had a crush on Cristina Ricci for a long time, and looking at her smirk in that poster just reminds me why.

I'd better end this before it gets stalkery.

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