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Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Love This Song

At my little ol' blog, I've already geeked out enough about the music of Michael Giacchino. Among his latest accomplishments is the score for Speed Racer. It hasn't been released in Canada yet. I ordered it out of the USA and it should be here soon.

Until then, here's the end credits music for Speed Racer that I found on YouTube. At its core, it's a huge orchestra cover of the end credits music for the original cartoon:

It is impossible to listen to this music and not smile. My copy of the soundtrack can't get here soon enough.

this summer, as I'm strolling down the streets of Athabasca with my MP3 player cranked up, and you see me dancing in the streets, this is what I'm listening to.

It's already been widely reported that Giacchino is doing the music for the next Star Trek film. Giacchino has also gone on record as saying that he's working the original Alexander Courage theme into his score.

If he does it like this, I will be very, very happy.

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