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Monday, May 26, 2008

Mascot Mania!

Wow, just when you thought you'd had enough Olympics in your pocket change....

I get the spam from the Royal Canadian Mint today saying that there's a trio of new quarters out now boasting the Vancouver 2010 Olympic mascots.

These won't actually be in your change. They're going to be sold to coin collectors. $14.95 for a quarter. Ye-ha.

And this story's just cute.

so, here we are in Japan. This very small railway - just 14km of track - was on the verge of going under. Meanwhile, one of the stations along this railway adopted a little kitten named Tama. Tama made the train station his home.

The railway company made Tama its mascot. Now, people from all across Japan are flocking to see this cat/station manager and buy merchandise bearing the kitty's likeness. The kitty saved the railway!

Read the complete story.

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