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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Something for adults, something for kids

Two stories in my wacky news that I feel like commenting on today....

First up, something for adults. Presenting the tale of Ms Sheyla Hershey. Hershey is on a quest to set a new world record. That record: the world's biggest breasts.

Back in May, she finished her 8th breast enhancement surgery. She has a gallon of silicone in each boob. Her bust size was a bra-busting 34FFF. But, that wasn't big enough. She wanted bigger. But, no plastic surgeon in the USA would go bigger, for fear of breaking the law. After her research, she found that there were no restrictions on how big you could go in Brazil.

She just got back from Brazil, where she got her 9th breast enhancement surgery, and now tips the scales with a 38KKK bra size.

Ya know, I'm a red blooded male and all that, but this...this just ain't right. One pundit said it best: those like beach balls that are about to pop.

And now, for the kids.

Controversy out of Disneyland! The Disney folks have decided to refurbish their classic ride, It's a Small World. And, like all refurbishments to Disneyland rides, it's meeting with some resistance.

How have they changed it? Well, in addition to the animatronic children from all over the world, they've added some animatronic Disney characters! The classic song has not been spruced up to be included in a medley of Disney hits, plus they've added a farm scene, and a complete section dedicated to Toy Story.

The hardcore Disney fans are pissed about this...they say their messing with a classic. The Disney folks, however, insist that Walt Disney's vision was always one of growth and modification for the times.

Here's the original article, where you can read all about it!

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