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Monday, June 11, 2012

My Hot Wheels Toys

I was cleaning out my dwelling on Sunday when I stumbled across these.

A couple years ago, for Christmas, in lieu of a present, my parents said they'd help me out in getting a new set of tires for my car.  But still, for the thrill of finding something under the tree, they wrapped up this Hot Wheels gift pack and put it under the tree.

As I continued cleaning up the place, I did find a couple other Hot Wheels that found their way into my action figure collection.

I've blogged before that I'm one of the 12 people on the planet that think that Speed Racer is an amazing movie.  A lot of that film's merchandise was Hot Wheels-based.  So of course I had to get Speed Racer's trademark car, the Mach 5.

The original Batmobile?  And only 99 cents at Field's?  Yes, please!

I've got a couple more, too, but they're in storage.  (i.e. my parents' basement.)  The company Johnny Lightening once got the license to make a series of Monopoly-inspired cars, and I have the "Boardwalk Dodge Viper."  And being a Disney geek, Johnny Lightening also managed to do a Herbie the Love Bug that I also have. 

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