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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Final Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

The Movie Poster for Stark Trek Into Darkness.  The Starship Enterprise (or one of the same class) is going down in flames.


Just one more month to go until the next Star Trek film, Into Darkness, hits theatres.  As I blogged four years ago, as the first film in this JJ Abrams reboot franchise neared released, I had reached a point in my life where I was burnt out on Star Trek.  The final two movies, Insurrection and Nemesis, were just so lackluster, and Star Trek: Enterprise was just going through the motions.  I was incredibly bored with the whole thing.

But JJ Abrams came along and invigorated the whole thing.  The peeks and glimpses I got were getting me excited again.  And then, when I was there on opening day, with that beautiful pre-titles sequence where we witness the birth of Captain Kirk, and we saw that bigger-then-life Starfleet emblem accompanying the titles, and that amazing Michael Giacchino score kicks in...I got goosebumps.  Star Trek was truly a Star Trek epic.  I'd never seen it rendered on such a large scale.

See, the Star Trek films had always been done by television people.  Harve Bennett, the producers of the majority of the original crew films, had a television background.  The Next Generation films were all done by the TV crews, and as such, they just never shook this 2-hour episode of Voyager feeling.  But JJ Abrams...that was a movie.

Of course, there are detractors.  Some die-hard Trekkies still condescendingly call it STINO (Star Trek in name only), arguing that it was just another big, dumb action film, and not the cerebral science-fiction that Gene Roddenberry envisioned.  Less explosions, more philosophical debate about the human condition!  That's what Star Trek is!  To which I say, "So?"  There have been countless Star Trek episodes that took a break from the philosophizing to give us some kick-ass space battles.  What's wrong with the movies doing that?

Needless to say, as the countdown continues to Star Trek Into Darkness, my excitement is building.  I'm eager to see how things play out in this altered timeline.  I'm ready to see where we go next.  And everything I've seen so far, I've liked.

Let's take a look at the final trailer released today, shall we? 

Again, I'm just loving everything I'm seeing in this film.  It really does look like more of the same...a continuation to build on what came before.  And the villain's starship!  It totally looks like the Excelsior!  And those huge guns, and Kirk's simple, "I'm sorry," to his crew.  You want your cerebral sci-fi?  That "I'm sorry" is a very Tenth Doctor moment. 

Still unclear as to who the villain is.  They keep telling us that it's John Harrison.  Fan speculation is still that it's really Khan.  I hope it's not Khan.  It's probably Khan, because thanks to the popularity of The Wrath of Khan, he is one of the best-known Star Trek villains.  I'll guess we'll know for sure when the movie comes out!

Let's throw in the poster of Benedict Cumberbatch as the villainous John Harrison in a shameless ploy to drive up hits.  Something about that skinny Brit just makes the fangirls go "squee!"  

Benedict Cumberbatch as John "I'm totally not Khan" Harrison.

Star Trek Into Darkness comes out on May 17. 

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