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Friday, July 18, 2003

Well, I spent a wonderful waste of an afternoon watching Star Trek on DVD. I found this really great cut scene from Nemesis. It was only 1 minute long; I don't know why they had to cut it. Essentially, as the Enterprise-E prepares for battle, Picard goes down to sickbay and has a moment with Dr. Crusher. He laments how he's always felt uneasy when this ship of exploration becomes a ship of war. Snip, snip.

And in another crime against humanity, Stan Lee, coming off of his "success" with Stripperella, has another idea for a superhero cartoon that is essentially a collection of jiggly boob jokes. Hef's Superbunnies features Hugh Hefner dispatching Playboy bunnies on all kinds of crime-fighting missions around the world. As Cinescape put it, it sounds like a more risque version of Charlie's Angels.

Stripperella, in case you're not watching it, stars Pamela Anderson as a stripper named Erotica, who also fights crime as super-secret agent 0069, code named Stripperella. It's trying to be The Tick, but it replaces genuine wit with jiggly boob jokes.

Next issue...More Jiggly Boob Jokes.

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