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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Need sleep...been waking up at 5 lately...don't know why.

Anyway, I just learned that April 2 - Saturday - is the big day that Episode III merchandise is to officially go on sale. Apparently, many Toys R Us's and Wal-Marts and such forth will be opening at midnight to meet demand. I don't think the Cold Lake Wal-Mart is one of them. I'll just go on Saturday morning and see if they've put anything on the shelf.

I went to 7-11 last night, and started leafing through the latest Star Wars Insider. They have a complete checklist of all the Episode III action figures about to hit. I had to laugh when I saw that they actually have made a pregnant Amidala action figure. This made me laugh because ToyFare recently ran a bit about "the Episode III action figures you'll never see!" And one of them was pregnant Amidala...with water-breaking action.

And here's some really cool news about a certain movie trailer. The Internet exclusive trailer for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has become SO popular, that they're going to stick it in theaters! You'll be able to see it this Friday in front of Sin City.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


It's been a slow morning at work, so I checked my NAIT e-mail that I never use. The whole thing was clogged with spam for NR92 shows. I can't believe it.

Now, I know this is hypocritical coming from me. Back in 1997, I figured out how to send spam on the Augustana Computer Network to promote Chaos in a Box. I like to think of myself as a pioneer in using spam to promote a radio show. But the sad truth is spam is so darn annoying that it doens't work anymore.

If, *IF* a person insists on using spam to promote their radio show, this is what I suggest:

1) Keep it SHORT!! Five lines max. This way, people may scan it before they delete it.

2) Make it something that a person has to sign up for. Make it a newsletter instead of spam. People will read it if they actually want it!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Very disappointed right now.

No one in Cold Lake had The Lone Gunmen: The Complete Series. So I just bought it online and I'm waiting the 6-8 weeks for it to arrive.

And I'd already written the next News from Markworld to revolve around it. Guess I've got more work to do.
You've probably read this story in a dozen different media by now, but I just have to share it.

The Italian town of Pisa - famous for its leaning tower - has sparked controversy by announcing that it will build a second leaning tower.

This second leaning tower won't actually lean, though. It'll accomplish its lean through tricks of lighting. It'll be a modern office building, complete with luxury condos and gift shops for the tourists. It's exact location will be 5 km southwest of the original leaning tower. It'll cost $65 million US to build, they start building at the end of summer, and it'll take about 4 years to complete.

It should be easy to see why it's controversial. Traditionalists say that it'll deface the view. City planners say it'll spark tourism, and show Pisa as being a forward-thinking city.

I had another encounter with a Phoenix action figure last night. There was one lonely Phoenix on the shelf at Zeller's. This was the regular Phoenix - green costume. I was tempted to buy it. Seriously. I mean, Phoenix is still the shortpacked figure in the Marvel Legends line ("shortpacked" means they made the least amount of it, and there's only one per case), and that added rarity always means an increased value.

anyway, I instead decided to play a game with it. I moved it to the very back of the shelf, and we'll see how long it remains there. Hell, it's a game I've played for the last 3 months with the Elektra action figure that Zeller's had, and last night, I said, "Let's end this." Yup, I bought Elektra instead.

And since I"m blogging anyway, here's today's big new DVD releases:

APOLLO 13 (Universal) Ron Howard’s excellent dramatization of the troublesome space mission, in which three astronauts (Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon) narrowly escaped death multiple times. 2-disc widescreen & narrowscreen editions include commentraks (director Ron Howard and one by astronaut Jim Lovell and his wife), featurettes, the re-edited version shown in IMAX theaters and more.

THE LONE GUNMEN (Fox) Underrated 2001 X-FILES spinoff about the adventures of three geeks as they investigate conspiracies for their underground newspaper. With commentraks, featurettes and more.

ORGAZMO (Universal) Parker & Stone’s comedy about a young Mormon missionary who somehow comes to star in a superhero porn flick. Special edition includes both theatrical and unrated versions, 3 wild commentraks (nude, drunk and guest star), outtakes, deleted scenes, interviews, documentary and more.

THE TOXIC AVENGER (Troma) 2-disc 21st anniversary edition of this trash horror comedy landmark in which a nerdy gymnasium mop boy becomes a heroic monster. Includes commentrak, fan tribute shorts, interviews and more.

As always, these are just my highlights. Get the complete list at Cinescape

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Latest column's up! It's part 2 of my epic about going to Disneyland:

"The ladies in our group were all ready to do the tour through Cinderella’s castle. Now, there were some warnings about how there were two different kinds of tours, and that it’s all in Japanese, but hey. The girls wanted to do it. So, as we went into the castle, the show began. Our tour guide gave us the spiel of all the mighty princes and beautiful princesses that have graced this castle, when the thunder and lightening began. See, the Disney villains have taken over the castle. And now, the only way out is through. Our brave tour guide led on. "

As always, here's the whole thing

Saturday, March 26, 2005

"Hate" is a very strong word. It describes a strong emotion. It is a word I do not use lightly. There are things I don't like. I'm indifferent towards many things. And, there are lots of things I find unpleasant. But hate? There are very few things I truly hate.

I hate Extra Foods in Drayton Valley.

I'm home for the Easter weekend. My mother needed to go to Drayton Valley to pick up a few things, and I went along. We wound up at Extra Foods. As soon as I walked in the door, I became physically uncomfortable. I wanted to turn, run, do anything to get out of that store. But I tolerated it. At the checkout line, my old boss even came over and said hi. Now, my boss at Extra Foods was actually pretty nice. It was the Store Manager and the manager of the Photo Lab that I always butted heads with. But still, I just couldn't stand talking to my old boss. I kept my answers short, curt, and polite. I'm certian she'll tell everyone that I've become rather rude. But I just wanted to leave that place. Quickly.

Afterwards, I got the tour around Drayton Valley. Saw the new Wal-Mart. It opened in January. Then I saw all the places that are closing because of Wal-Mart. It's interesting. My mother told me the story of many locals who have grown indifferent towards Wal-Mart. Before, when Wal-Mart went driving an hour into Spruce Grove, Wal-Mart was an event! It meant a day in the city away from the rigors of every day life. Then, when it was announced that a Wal-Mart was coming to town, the people were overjoyed. Oh my God! Wal-Mart! Here! We can have our big event EVERY DAY!! But now, that it's been in town for a while, Wal-Mart is no longer an event. It's just...there.

And I had to browse through Wal-Mart. Darn near wet my pants when I saw that they accidentally had the Episode III action figures on sale just a little early. Didn't pick up one, though. All they had left was R2-D2, Mace Windu, Chewbacca, and a Super Battle Droid. None of those characters really grabbed my interest. Looking at the back of the package, I think I'll hold out for the "on the verge of the Dark Side" Anakin Skywalker, or the lightsaber-weilding Emperor Palpatine.

However, I did pick up a Queen Amidala, wearing her outfit from the final scene in Episode I. That outfit is my definition of elegant.

Besides, I made my foolish action figure purchase yesterday. I was browsing through the Spruce Grove Superstore, checking out the Marvel Legends figures, and what did I spy but the super ultra rare Dark Phoenix figure. ToyFare says it's already going for $60. And I bought it for $10.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I have nothing to say, yet I feel I must say something.

I was lucky enough to get the long weekend off, so tomorrow, bright and early, I leave for Entwistle! Crazy thing is, I was the only one in my family who could get Easter off. It's going to be just me and Mom.

I promised Mom that I'd be too busy next year.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Yay! My quest is complete! I've finally found the answer to something that's been bugging me for ages!

What is the proper term for a story in 4 parts?

We all know that "trilogy" is the word for a story in 3 parts. And, when the big boxed set of all the Alien films came out under the title "The Alien Quadrilogy," I looked at that and though, "Hmmm.... Something tells me that 'quadrilogy' isn't the right word."

So, after typing the odd search phrase into Google, and wishing that the Merriam-Webster Online Dictonary had a reverse look-up (type in the definition, they give you the word), I finally found it this morning at Wikipedia.org.

The proper term for a story in 4 parts is...


Oh, and in case you're curious, in the course of my research I found the terms "pentalogy" and "quintology" used to describe a story in five parts. If anyone knows which of those is correct, or if both are, then let me know!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

At long last! It's here! This week's column, Untold Tales of Japan: Scarecrow Goes to Disneyland pt. 1:

"I had completely forgotten that Japan has a Disneyland until I arrived and started seeing the ads on TV. Like every child that has grown up under the watchful gaze of the Disney Corporation, I wanted to go to Disneyland. And, now that there was one in my figurative backyard, I knew that this was as good a chance as any. After some research, I learned that Tokyo Disneyland has a “Saitama Day,” in which the residents of Saitama prefecture could get in for half price. And lo and behold, I was in Saitama prefecture! After I plotted the charts and spoke to my students, I finally realized why there was always one day a month when all those under 18 that I taught never came in for their lessons."

The whole thing's right here!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

As I am prone to do in this town without TV, I found myself aimlessly browsing the department stores like some kind of mall zombie. I was going through the toy section, looking for the latest hot collectable, and I looked up and down the aisle dedicate to toy cars. I looked among them and I started thinking, "You know, collecting die cast metal cars - Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and their brethern - must be pretty big hobby, too." I wonder why it doesn't get the coverage that Barbie doll collecting does or action figure collecting. Although, action figure collecting only really took off in the last 10 years - around the same time that comic book collecting started crashing. I betcha it'll be toy cars when action figures crash.

Anyway, I bought the first toy car to add to my action figure collection. I can't believe I spotted it tonight. After wanting one ever since I was 5 years old, I finally got a Hot Wheels version of...Herbie the Love Bug. Officially licensed by Disney and everything. That's going to be a cool addition.

Now, my second-most coveted toy car because my most-coveted: a Hot Wheels version of the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future.

Anyway, gotta share the big movie news of the day. This has been rumoured for about a month, but today it was officially announced. Joss Whedon, the man behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly, will be writing and directing the big screen version of...Wonder Woman. Joel Silver, the man who helped the Wachoskis to bring the Matrix to the big screen, is also producing. No word yet on a release date, but rumour is that Warner Brothers would really like Summer 2006.

I just it want it to be good.

And, I have to share this bit of Star Trek news. As I may have told you, as season 4 of Enterprise went on, we always heard rumours that negotiations were underway to have William Shatner be on the show. Would he have been Captain Kirk? Would he have been Kirk's ancestor? What might have been....

Well, now the writers are telling us.

William Shatner was going to play Evil Kirk from the mirror universe.

The plot was, in the 23rd Century, Evil Spock was going to do away with Evil Kirk using Evil Kirk's secret weapon - the Tantalus Field. But, the Tantalus Field isn't a disintigrator like we orginally thought. It's a transporter that sends you to a penal colony - 100 years in the past. So, Evil Kirk is stuck in the past. In the past, who happens upon this penal colony but Capt. Archer and his Enterprise? Naturally, Evil Kirk goes, "Yes! They have a transporter! I can recreate that accident from the first time I got sent to this alternate universe, and get home!" Evil Kirk gets on board the NX-01, makes the transpoter modification...and goes nowhere. Turns out the mirror universe doesn't exist yet. So, Capt. Archer and Evil Kirk then have to work together to figure out when the mirror universe splits off from this one. And the big sci-fi twist ending? Capt. Archer and Evil Kirk create the mirror universe by trying to figure out when it starts.

This was actually William Shatner's idea. He came up with it with Judith and Garfield Revees-Stevens. The Revees-Stevens co-wrote all of Shatner's Star Trek novels, and were writing for Enterprise this season. The writers all loved it! The big wigs at Paramount loved it! Rick Berman and Brannon Braga loved it!

But Rick Berman had a better idea.

Rick Berman's idea was that William Shatner would play the NX-01's Chef - and great, great grandfather of Captain Kirk's. One day, Crewman Daniels (a recurring character from 29th Century Starfleet whose job it is to protect the timeline) appears and says, "Captian Kirk has disappeared! We must preserve the timeline!" And then, he would zap the NX-01 into the future where Chef would have to masquerade as Capt. Kirk until the real Kirk could be found.

William Shatner ended negotiations after Berman's "better" idea.

Ahh, what might have been....

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Picked up the 2-disc special edition of Star Trek: First Contact yesterday. Or, as we fans call it, "the last good one." It was also the first time I'd watched it in a few years. I've come a long way from when I first saw in Red Deer. So, I'd just like to throw together a little list...

Things I Still Find Cool About First Contact

- Picard's opening dream sequence
- The appearance of the Defiant
- Using the Klingon theme for Worf
- Picard mowing down Borg drones with a Tommy gun.
- When the Phoenix blows off its side panels, revealing the nacelles.
- Death of the Borg Queen
- The cameos!
- "The line must be drawn here!"

Time to watch some bonus stuff before work.

Next Issue...Work

Monday, March 14, 2005

My computer's driving me nuts. It still randomly shuts off. At first, I thought it may have been because my battery was dead and I didn't know. Hey, it's been plugged in for the past two months. But that wasn't it. I'm really starting to believe it's an overheating issue. Why? Because yesterday, I was finally able to do a complete virus scan and defrag the hard drive.

I did it on my balcony.

It was -5 outside yesterday.

Anyway, I hope my laptop will survive until the end of April. My practicum will be done, I'll have some down-time between jobs, and I'll take my machine into the authorized Toshiba repair centre.

Anyway, got a few bits of tremendously exciting movie news:

the Hobbit - Peter Jackson has gone on record as saying this movie is at least 4 years away. See, New Line made Lord of the Rings and wants to make the Hobbit. But, MGM owns The Hobbit. Jackson said that there's a strong desire in Hollywood to see it made, but it'll take a while for the lawyers to hammer out a deal.

Toy Story 3 - God, I can't believe Disney is making this film without Pixar. Disney had just chosen a director: Bradley Raymond. Raymond is a veteran of Disney's straight-to-video-sequel division, having directed The Hunchback of Notre Dame II and The Lion King 1½. The script was written by Jared Stern, who wrote it as part of his "How to write an animated film" course. Disney's looking at 2008 for a release.

X-Men 3 - And, the new director is Matthew Vaughn. Vaughn is a longtime collaberator of Guy Ritchie's, having been the producer on Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels and Snatch. Vaughn made his directorial debut last year with Layer Cake. May 2006 is still the release!

And now, to curse at my computer some more.

Next Issue...Nice, Heavy Paperweight
My computer's driving me nuts. It still randomly shuts off. At first, I thought it may have been because my battery was dead and I didn't know. Hey, it's been plugged in for the past two months. But that wasn't it. I'm really starting to believe it's an overheating issue. Why? Because yesterday, I was finally able to do a complete virus scan and defrag the hard drive.

I did it on my balcony.

It was -5 outside yesterday.

Anyway, I hope my laptop will survive until the end of April. My practicum will be done, I'll have some down-time between jobs, and I'll take my machine into the authorized Toshiba repair centre.

Anyway, got a few bits of tremendously exciting movie news:

the Hobbit - Peter Jackson has gone on record as saying this movie is at least 4 years away. See, New Line made Lord of the Rings and wants to make the Hobbit. But, MGM owns The Hobbit. Jackson said that there's a strong desire in Hollywood to see it made, but it'll take a while for the lawyers to hammer out a deal.

Toy Story 3 - God, I can't believe Disney is making this film without Pixar. Disney had just chosen a director: Bradley Raymond. Raymond is a veteran of Disney's straight-to-video-sequel division, having directed The Hunchback of Notre Dame II and The Lion King 1½. The script was written by Jared Stern, who wrote it as part of his "How to write an animated film" course. Disney's looking at 2008 for a release.

X-Men 3 - And, the new director is Matthew Vaughn. Vaughn is a longtime collaberator of Guy Ritchie's, having been the producer on Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels and Snatch. Vaughn made his directorial debut last year with Layer Cake. May 2006 is still the release!

And now, to curse at my computer some more.

Next Issue...Nice, Heavy Paperweight

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Oh, what a busy Sunday! Firstly, the latest column's up! This week is all about Democracy, and a return to NAIT:

"...you’re probably wondering why the heck I came back. Well, it was for one very important reason: the NAITSA elections. Even though I’m a three-hour drive away, I’m still a student, and I still wanted to have my say in who’ll be in charge next year. I came down to vote in the advance polls, and I’ll admit I was a little disappointed that things had been changed this year. The candidate’s “vote for me!” articles didn’t run in the Nugget the week before the election, but rather in the issue that came out the day of the election. So, I was stuck gathering all my info about candidates purely on the posters, until I found that the candidate’s “vote for me” articles were posted at the future sites of polling stations. Nothing really Earth-shattering. Most everyone ran on the platform of “vote for me, cuz I know how to PARTY! WOO!!” Their posters reflected it. What I found funniest about the election, though, was the fact that Dwayne Williams, running for re-election on a platform of increased communication, wasn’t bothered to put up at least one poster telling people that he was running again. Now that’s your high-quality, China-cut irony."

And yes, it has been submitted to The Nugget, NAIT's paper. But, you don't have to wait until Thursday! Read it here!

And I had a wonderful day of Sunday driving. I finally drove out to Glendon to see the world's largest pyrogy. Gotta say, kind of a letdown. I had no idea that the town of Glendon is now so...run down. And the Pyrogy Cafe, the restaurant in the shadow of the giant pyrogy, is a Chinese restaurant. The serve pyrogies no more. Oh, and if you're expecing a giant pyrogy postcard, sorry. It was Sunday, so everything was closed. When I head out to St. Paul to see the UFO Landing Pad, I'll make sure it's a Saturday so the gift shops are open.

And after I saw the pyrogy, I went to Saskatchewan. I keep forgetting how close Cold Lake is to the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. The lake of Cold Lake actually straddles the border. So, I made a run for the border, just so I could say I went to Saskatchewan.

Next Issue...Tokyo Disneyland!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Oh, I'm so happy.

Last night, I caught the second half of the Justice League season finale, The Once and Future Thing part 2: Time, Warped. Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman follow our time travelling villain into the future, where he's used his time travel abitily to become absolute ruler of Gotham. Now, going by the name Chronos, he seeks to destroy the remains of the Justice League. So, in the future, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern team up with what remains of the future Justice League, namely Batman Beyond, Warhawk (created for the future Justice League in Batman Beyond), and Static (star of the cartoon Static Shock, only now he's all grown up.) And they battle with Chronos's minion, the Jokerz. And, Chronos has destablized the time/space continuim with all his time travelling. So, it's up to the Justice League to save all of reality. With Batman, Batman Beyond, and the old Bruce Wayne, there were some great moments. Like when Batman meets his 80-year old future self....

Old Bruce Wayne>> Surprised to see me?
Batman>> Actually, I'm more surprised I live this long.
Batman Beyond>> Batman...Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne...Batman. Or have you two already met?
Batman and Old Bruce Wayne (in unison)>> NOT NOW!
Batman Beyond>> Great. What did they used to call this? Stereo?

Or, after Wonder Woman fades from existence, Batman ventures out into future Gotham to search for the Jokerz

Batman Beyond>> You can't go out there alone. It's a different era. Things work differently here.
Batman>> Are criminals still cowardly and superstitious?
Old Bruce Wayne>> Yup.
Batman>> Good enough for me.

But there were some great moments, like when Green Lantern learned that the future hero Warhawk is his son....

Green Lantern>> Who's your mother?
Warhawk (motioning to his hawk armor)>> Who do you think?
Static>> Yup, Shayera [Hawkgirl] was one cranky pregnant lady. Of course, I'd be cranky too if I laid an egg that big.
(horrified look on Green Lantern's face)
Warhawk>> He's kidding, Dad.

All in all, a good episode. Bring on Season 2!

It was almost as good as Thurday night's CSI. Trekkies from all over tuned in to see Wil "I was Wesley Crusher" Wheaton play a deranged homeless person. It kind of ruined it for me, though, as I kept giggling and going, "Dude, that's Wesley Crusher." Even though it was just a small role, though, it's amazing how many good reviews he's getting from playing a deranged homeless person. Are we on the cusp of a Wil Wheaton comeback?

Anyway, how to spend my Saturday.... I was thinking about finally going to Glendon to see the world's largest pyrogy, but it's all grey and looking like it's about to rain. I'll figure it out after breakfast.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Well, I'm depressed. I was goofing around at work today with a co-worker and we took this "Death test" online. Find out when you're going to die!

Anyway, I'll die at age 64. As the death clock said, I've got just 37 years left.

That was a downer.

Anyway, it's not like I'm Donald Roan Dunagan. Dunagan is a career Marine officer, having led troops into battle on countless occasions. He served his country for many, many years before recently retiring. Now, in his late-60s, he can finally come forward with his deep, dark secret.

When he was 7 years old, he did the voice of Bambi.

He was personally hired by Walt Disney for the task! Dunagan says he kept it a secret when he became a Marine because he knew that he wouldn't be a good leader if his troops kept snickering and calling him "Bambi" behind his back.

Dunagan finally revealed this secret because he's retired now and it's no longer that big a deal. That, and Disney paid him a truckload of money to interview him for the new 2-disc special edition of Bambi, which is on store shelves now.

And having done the voice of Bambi did have a lasting influence. Even though he became an accomplished sharpshooter and was invited on many hunting trips, he could never bring himself to kill an animal.

Got another good story in the animation industry today.

I may have ranted on this before, but one of the more controversial cartoons in development is called Loonatics. It's being developed by Warner Brothers, and it follows the adventures of the descendants of the Looney Tunes in the 27th Century. See, in that time, they're superheroes. It's controversial because many Looney Toons afficianados really don't like this re-imagining of the Looney Toons.

Now, though, controversy has been launched in regards to Bugs Bunny's 27th century descendent, Buzz Bunny. The first lawsuit that's been launched is from an artist who created a "Buzz Bunny" for a line of merchandise that he sold from his website. This artist's Buzz Bunny also has a strikingly similar design to Warner's Buzz Bunny.

But, the second and far funnier lawsuit is being launched by a sex toy company. Seems that "the Buzz Bunny" is this company's premiere vibrator.

No word yet on what's going to happen to Warner Brothers and Buzz Bunny.

Next Issue...Man, I'm getting tired of writing "Next Issue" gags
I should update this thing more. I keep having dozens of brilliant ideas to share, but then I forget them when I get around to posting them. I'm sorry, world, for I forgot the cure to cancer.

Anyway, I got yesterday off and went back to school for the day. I had a scholarship cheque waiting for me, plus I voted in the advance polls for the student union elections. "You're the first person to vote," they told me. I also feel like writing a column about this and submitting it to the school paper. "I took a day off from work and drove three hours to vote. If you couldn't take two minutes out of your day as you walking down to the Common Market for lunch, well, YOU SUCK!!"

And, of course, I visited all my instructors and told them what I was up to. It's a little daunting talking to them. Every time I think I've got this industry figured out, they let me in on a little more. I can't shake this feeling that I'm on the edge of a much larger world; one that, despite my best efforts, I still barely comprehend.

That, or I'm just jealous because one of my fellow practicum students has just started a bidding war. Stations from all over North America are now competing to get her. People are flying out to woo her.... Damn, I'm jealous.

Anywho, today's movie news. 20th Century Fox has just picked up the movie rights to the Dr. Seuss classic Horton Hears a Who. Fox is passing this off to Blue Sky, the studio that made Ice Age and Robots. That's right, Horton will be a CGI movie. It should be noted that this is the last Dr. Seuss movie to get a big screen treatment. After how disastrous the Cat in the Hat turned out, the estate of Dr. Seuss said, "That's it! No more movies!"

Next Issue...Workin Workin Workin Workin

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Latest column's up! This week, I tell you What Would Make Me Swear Off Fast Food:

" Call me silly, but at fast food restaurants, I have become accustomed to clerks saying, “Hello! What can I get for you today?” I stand and wait for the clerk to ask that. Instead, she says nothing. She just glares at me. I smile politely, waiting to be acknowledged. She locks eyes with me and scowls. I start to feel her eyes boring their way through my skull. The moment is turning awkward. I continue smiling. What was once a simple restaurant transaction has become a battle of wills. I stand, waiting for one of us to crack. Will she finally buckle and say, “Can I take your order?” Will I break down and just blurt out, “I’d like a cheeseburger combo, please!” We stand and stare at each other. "

Read the whole thing!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Yay! Last night, YTV finally started showing the season finale of Justice League, be it 2 months late. Last night was The Once and Future Thing part 1: Weird Western Tales. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern track a time-travelling villain to the old west. They arrive in the past 6 months after the villain, where they learn that the time traveller promptly had his time machine stolen by an outlaw, and now the outlaw has used the time machine to gather technology from all across the timeline and is now using it to conquer the old west. So, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern team up with a bunch of Western heroes from DC's cowboy comic days and set about liberating the old west. Great quotes:

First putting on western garb to fit in:
Wonder Woman>> These boots are so uncomfortable.
Batman>> You fight crime in high heels.
Wonder Woman>> High heels that fit.

Riding off to the villain's stronghold:
Cowboy hero Bat Lash>> Now, be careful. There's been lots of unusual activity in these parts.
Green Lantern>> No offence, but we have lots of experience with...
(Green Lantern sees a cowboy fly by on a pterodactyl)
Green Lantern>> Um...you were saying?

Anyway, looking forward to next week's part 2, where Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern follow this villain to the future, and they team up with the future Justice Leage we saw on Batman Beyond. I've already read a synopsis online:

Batman Beyond>> Bruce Wayne...Batman. Batman...Bruce Wayne. Or have you two already met?
Batman and old Bruce Wayne (in unison)>> NOT NOW!
Batman Beyond>> I think this is what they used to call "stereo."

Meanwhile, over in DVD news, Paramount has finally announced the 2-disc super-special edition of Star Trek: Insurrection. It hits store shelves on June 7. Among your bonus features:

- 7 featurettes about the making of the film
- 2 featurettes on the Star Trek universe, one of which is a tribute to Michael Westmore
- 3 featurettes on the special effects
- and 7 deleted scenes, including the original ending with Quark's cameo

And don't forget that the 2-disc special edition of First Contact comes out on the 15th.

Next Issue...Buck Off

Friday, March 04, 2005

Killing time before work. Actually, I just watched the trailer for one movie I'm semi-curious about this summer. Disney felt it was about time for another Herbie the Love Bug movie, so this June, we're going to be getting Herbie: Fully Loaded. Ehh, looks like no suprises in the trailer. The standard Heribe formula: race car driver, down on his luck, stumbles upon an old VW bug that seems to be magic. Only he seems to know that this bug is magic, so with its help, he wins the big race and turns his life around. Looks to be not so much a remake of the original, as the 25 year late next film in the franchise. The new twists:

- This time, the donw on his luck driver is a family of drivers! The patriarch is Michael Keaton, and Herbie's new driver, the one who knows Herbie is magic, is tween idol Lindsey Lohan™. (Lindsey Lohan © and ™ the Walt Disney Company)

- The slimy rival driver is Matt Dillon

- The race circuit is NASCAR

- And, thanks to advances in CGI, Herbie is more expressive than ever.

Only two things in the trailer made me giggle. One is when Dillon is trying to figure out what's up with Herbie. He opens the hood, looks at the engine, and Herbie squirts oil in his face. In frustation, he pounds Herbie on the trunk and says, "How do you that, huh?" So, Herbie pops his trunk and nails Dillon in the chin. While flat on his butt, Herbie proceeds to "growl" at Dillon. That's classic Herbie.

The second one is a joke that you know had to happen. Herbie is "checking out" one of the new VW Bugs, and obviously falling in love. Lohan notices this and says to Herbie, "Forget it. She's too young for you." Herbie is heartbroken. Yes, Herbie is still a classic bug.

Anyway, it'll be an entertaining afternoon for my neice and nephew.

Actually, I love the story of how a new Herbie movie came about. About 3 or 4 years ago, branding was the big business buzz word. That's when Disney started turning all their theme park rides into movies; because they were established brand names. While all his execs were busy pitching It's a Small World After All: The Movie, Michael Eisner said, "Why not a new Love Bug movie?" and made it a top priority.

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

The wheels are in motion.

On Wednesday, I'm going to be roaring back to NAIT to take care of some very special business.

I'm voting in the students association elections.

You might be thinking, "WTF, Mark. It's just a silly little students union." Oh, I beg to differ. I still take my student politics rather seriously, especially now that I've discovered that Dwayne Williams - the current students assocaition president - is running unopposed for re-election. Now, Dwayne's a nice enough guy. Lord knows I interviewed him enough for the paper and my radio news class last semester. So, I also know enough about him to have the same problem with him that I had with an old Augustana Students Union president, a fella by the name of Stewart Prest. He's more style than substance, and in the end, that's not a way to run a governemnt.

And besides, as one of my contemparies told me last year, "Mark, take the position of NAITSA president seriously. It does do real work, and there's a very hefty salary that comes with it."

So, I think that any election should be taken seriously.

Besides, with all the students that technical institutes send out on practicums and all that, I find it shocking that NAITSA has no absentee voting system in place. I've already been e-mailing NAITSA's COO about this. He tells me that they've looked into Internet voting, but in their consultations with other schools that have tried it, they find that it's still too buggy. But still, what's wrong with a good old fashioned mail-in ballot?

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Wow. I just can't believe this. A trio of aerospace engineers stepped forward and donated $3 million to the "Save Enterprise" campaigns. I'm sorry, but aren't there charities much more deserving of $3 mllion than a push to save a sub-par sci-fi show? Like getting the Babylon 5 movie off the ground.

Anyway, I did manage to catch the final episode of NYPD Blue last night. It ended just as Dad and I predicted. Main character Det. Andy Sipowicz (Dennis Franz) got his promotion and became commander of the squad of detectives. The entire final episode was about his first day as commander and dealing with the trails and tribulations of command as he dealt with a high profile murder.

Kind of reminds me of Fry's quote from Futurama: "People don't want clever and unexpected things on television. Clever makes them feel stupid, and unexpected makes them afraid."

Actually, read a great quote from creator Steven Bochco about how he knew it was time to end the show: "I think we could have gone for another year or two, but I don't mind leaving the party an hour early. I'd much rather leave an hour early than an hour late."

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A guy in my building stopped me in the lobby to tell me he listens to me on the radio!

He then ranted for 10 minutes about how much I suck.

Anyway, a quick reminder (for Dad). Tonight is the final episode of my Dad's all-time favourite TV show, NYPD Blue. The show gained headlines in its first season for its foul language and gratuitous bare butts. Yup, all the actor's had a "nudity clause" in their contract, another reason the show gained infamy. Creator Steven Bochco didn't understand the fuss, simply saying that he wanted to do an R-rated police drama for TV. But, it was a critical and ratings hit, and went on to be a huge hit and get all kinds of awards.

Tonight's finale is a 3-hour spectacular: a 1-hour retrospective, followed by the 2-hour final episode. The show's been on for 12 years.