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Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's Sunday! That Means a Targ!

U62: The Targ -- My podcast

Time to bust out another episode of U62: The Targ!  Why blog about the news of the week that caught my eye, when I can fire up the ol' recording software and tell you about it?  What caught my eye in Episode 7.09: Too Cold for Spring?

  • Westlock has finally joined Canadian civilization with a Tim Hortons having opened up in town!  My thoughts and quest to become the first customer through the door!
  • OK, here's some news I did blog about...picking apart the trailer for Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • And it looks like one of my favourite TV shows ever, Now and Again, may finally be coming to DVD!   
So fire up the ol MP3 player and give it a spin!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer

Well, the day has finally come.  We finally have our first glimpse of the brand new, live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

Ever since Paramount bought the TMNT franchise back in 2009 and announced they'd be doing a live-action movie, it seems as though they'd been doing everything possible to piss off the fans.  Thing #1 they did was announce that Michael Bay would be producing the film, through his company Platinum Dunes.  Even though Bay's films have made billions of dollars, he's pretty much reviled for films that favour style over substance.  And his handling of the Transformers franchise showed that he likes to take these classic franchises and put his own...unique stamp on them.

(I'm reluctant to say too much more.  As I've blogged in the past, I think I'm technically not allowed to hop onto the "Michael Bay sux" campaign as I own the Criterion edition of Armageddon.)

Then, after that, we got the infamous leaked early script that rewrote the Turtles origins from being mutated by radioactive waste in the sewers of New York, to being aliens from Dimension X....chosen ones in hiding, in preparation for their forthcoming battle against Krang.

But the fans went nuclear with the announcement that Megan Fox would be playing the most prominent human character, the Turtles longtime Girl Friday, April O'Neil.  I was one who didn't get as upset about the casting of Fox as April O'Neil.  I know Fox isn't regarded as the best actress, but I have hope.  I mean, as vile as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was, I remember that one of the few positive things my best friend had to say about it was a compliment to Fox's acting.  "You know that scene, where she's going to have the Skype date with Shia LeBeouf, but he stands her up?" said my friend.  "In that scene, she genuinely looked heartbroken." 

That kind of distracted from the additional controversy of veteran character actor William Fichtner signing on to play the Turtles' arch-enemy, the Shredder.  More Hollywood whitewashing, as Asian crimelord Oroku Saki becomes American crimelord Eric Sachs.  Rest assured, more controversy sprung up over the trailer where, thanks to his narration, it's implied that he was one of the scientists who had to something to do with the creation of the Turtles.

Rounding out the human cast is Will Arnett, still most beloved as GOB on Arrested Development, as Vernon Fenwick, April's cameraman.  Whoopi Goldberg shows up as Bernadette Thompson, a female version of Burns Thompson, April's boss.  And Saturday Night Live alumnus Abbey Elliot is also in the film as April's currently-unnamed roommate.  But, seeing as to how they're drawing from Channel 6 newsroom on the 1987 cartoon for this, I'm guessing she's Irma.

As for the Turtles, Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo are being played by Alan Ritchson, Pete Ploszek, Jeremy Howard, and Noel Fisher.  According to IMDB, they mostly have TV guest appearances to their credits.  And Splinter is being played by Danny Woodburn, as Kramer's friend Mickey on Seinfield.

So.  Now we know what brought us here.  Let's roll the tape.

Despite this being a Johnathon Liebesman film (he also directed Battle: Los Angeles and Wrath of the Titans), you can see producer Michael Bay's fingerprints all over this, as it looks and feels very much like a Michael Bay film. 

I'll say right now, I'm not a big fan of the Turtles' re-design.  They look too big, too bulky, too ripped.  It's the Turtles are on steroids.  That being said, the gag at the end where Michelangelo removes his mask so he won't frighten April does seem to be vintage Mikey. 

I'm still not sure what to think.  It's short.  We don't get to see that much, so it's difficult for me to gauge.  They really haven't given us much to go on.  I will say this, though.  It's not getting me as excited as the trailers for the 2007 animated film.  That felt very Ninja Turtles.  This...has a different energy. 

Hopefully, between now and the film's August 8 release date, we'll get to see more.  But until then, I remain cautiously optimistic. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fishing in the Discount Bin - Casino Royale

Welcome back to Fishing in the Discount Bin, the weekly viewing of something in my DVD/Blu-Ray/VHS library, and then blog about it, because I always wanted to be a "content creator" when I grew up.  Today, we see that not even James Bond is immune from the gritty reboot with Casino Royale.  This appears in my notes at June 8, 2013.

Casino Royale movie poster

Monday, March 24, 2014

Timmies Comes to Town

First, a little cultural context.  Tim Hortons is Canada's largest chain of coffee and donut shops.  In fact, it's Canada's largest fast food chain.  It's purely Canadian origins, and they fact that they play up it's Canadiana in all of its advertising has made it a cultural institution in Canada.  It's coffee in particular has gained a near cult-like following.

Next, a little geographical context.  Northern Alberta is officially the most Tim-Hortons-deprived region of Canada.  This has to do with Northern Alberta being the heart of Alberta's oil industry.  Who wants to pour coffee for a living when you can take the same skill set and earn 10x the money in the patch?  Pretty much every medium-sized town north of Edmonton has the same urban legend:  that someone in town owns the Tim Hortons franchise, but they don't dare actually build the store for fear they'll get no one to staff it.

Westlock is one of those towns where the urban legend turned out to be true.  Many dismissed it as a legend until they actually broke ground on the restaurant back in the fall.  And with that, I decided to undertake a quest:  I wanted to be the first customer.

"But Mark," many said.  "You're not a coffee drinker!  You've never really cared for Tim Hortons in the past!  Why do you want to be first?"  I wanted to be first because why not?  While those who live in the big cities may shrug at the opening of yet another chain in their neighourhood, in the small towns, a big chain moving in is actually a step up.  It's seen as being a pretty bid deal.  And who doesn't want to be on hand for a big deal?

But in order to be the first, I had to know when it was going to open.  Being a person who doesn't like to get out that much and socialize, I didn't really have a network of friends I could press for information.  On Wednesday afternoon, I was out for a walk, and saw the restaurant was painfully close to completion.  I walked up to the window and waved hello to the workers inside, but I was met with dirty looks.  I decided, then, that it was time to use my powers of the media to get an answer. 

So, the next day on my show, I put it to my listeners.  I shared my desire to be the first one through the door and asked, "Does anyone know when it opens?"

My request on the station Facebook page quickly became one of our biggest posts ever.  I got a few calls from people who had friends who knew friends who got hired there, and it all came back to one day:  Sunday.  A few heard maybe Friday, but the majority said Sunday.

Just to be safe, on Friday morning, I was up bright and early and drove by.  No activity.  It looked like Sunday was to be the day.  I had to work late on Saturday, and as I was driving home, I decided to swing by the Tim Hortons, just to see what was going on.  I pulled into the parking lot, and a clerk came running out, thinking I was her ride.  Once the confusion was cleared up, I asked, "Hey, is it true you guys are opening tomorrow?"  She said, "Yup.  6AM!"  I went home and set my alarm for 6.

My internal clock got me up at 5:30.  I tumbled out of bed, threw on some clothes, and drove to the other side of town.  I arrived in the parking lot at 5:50.  I jumped out of my car and saw....

Four other people ahead of me.  This damn early on a Sunday morning, and I was already fifth in line.

We all patiently waited.  A few clerks came out and started hanging the "Now Open" signs on all the light posts on the highway.  We were all eager.  I started hopping about with anticipation.  A few minutes after six, the clerk came over and unlocked the door, and we bolted in.  I once read that the first thing a person notices upon entering a business is what song is playing on the radio.  Whether by coincidence or design, the song playing was "A Whole New World." 

Two cashiers were open.  The four ahead of me turned out to be all in one group, so they went to the first cashier.  I went to the second.  "Welcome to Westlock!" I said to to the clerk.  "I know you probably live in town, but that greeting's for the whole franchise," I elaborated.  She giggled.  Not being a coffee drinker, and this being 6AM, I opted for one of their breakfast sandwich combos.  The grilled Panini breakfast sandwich with a hash brown.  And to drink, a hot chocolate.  This being the first breakfast combo she did ever, the clerk had to call the supervisor over for assistance.  I didn't mind.  This was literally the first minutes of the business.  Everyone is a trainee.  I was willing to cut the employees ALL the slack.  With order put in, and payment made, I went over to the pick-up area to await my breakfast.

The hot chocolate came first, and this being the age of social media, I had to tweet the experience right away.

While waiting on my sandwich, I snapped a few other pictures of the place for posterity.  So nice.  So clean.  A flat screen TV, tuned to static.  Lush booths, coffee-house style cozy armchairs and round tables.  My sandwich soon came, and I made my way to a booth.

I took a moment to just savour the moment, and the sandwich.  Here I was, among the first, in a shiny new fast food place.  It's like it was all made just for me.  I tied into my hash brown.  I still think that breakfast hash browns are the greatest fast food in the history of fast food.  They're just a tater tot pounded flat.  From there, on to the sandwich.  The processed egg, the artificial tasting sausage...yup, just a typical fast food breakfast sandwich. 

I slowly sipped my hot chocolate, taking it all in.  There was still quite the hustle and bustle behind the counter, as so many fresh new employees learned their jobs and fired up the ovens for the first time to meet all the demands of all the people they were anticipating.  And then I looked back out the window.  Being a quarter after six in the morning, it was still dark out.  The cool night winds still blew.  Trucks drove by on the highway, probably assuming this restaurant had been here for ever. 

I finished my hot chocolate.  This being Tim Hortons, I rolled up the rim.  I didn't win.  As I cleared my table, and tossed my trash in the trash can, I noticed that the four people who were ahead of me were still placing their order.  I checked my watch.  Yup, they'd been ordering for 20 minutes.  They took 20 minutes to no doubt dictate to the clerk how to properly mix their mocha-soy-lattes, how many pumps of flavouring they wanted, and what picture they wanted in their foam art.  Not being a coffee drinker, I don't understand coffee culture.  All I know is it's very annoying when you're at a McDonald's or a Wendy's and you're stuck behind one of those guys.  A friend of mine once joked that when the New World Order comes around, those with complicated coffee orders will be the first against the wall. 

Honestly?  That's the main reason why I'm excited about Tim Hortons coming to town.  I'm hoping they'll start siphoning off business from McDonald's, and I'll no longer be stuck behind someone with a complicated coffee order and I can get to my Big Mac a little quicker. 

Oh, well.  At least I can comfort myself with the fact that I was the first customer who wasn't needlessly complicated. 

Welcome to Westlock, Tim Hortons.  I need to revise my weekly restaurant schedule to come by for a hot chocolate and a donut every once in a while. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rock Out with your Targ Out!

U62: The Targ -- My podcast

Another week has gone by, so that means it's time to ramble for about 15 minutes or so, and play a song when I need to catch my breath!  And I do that in podcast form.  Yes, it's time for a new episode of U62: The Targ!  Here's what's in store for Episode 7.08:  Let's Make a Movie!:
  • They're making a movie version of Jem and the Holograms!  My thoughts and fanboy whining.  
  • Fox has laid out their long terms plans for the Marvel properties they own (i.e. X-Men and Fantastic Four).  Are they good?
  • And general amazement at the trailer for Peanuts.  Here it is, if you haven't seen it.

So kick back, grab a frosty beverage of your choice, and give U62: The Targ a listen!  

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fishing in the Discount Bin - GoldenEye

Welcome back to Fishing in the Discount Bin, my weekly testament to how little of a social life I have!  In this series, I watch one of the many movies I own, and then blog about it.  We're into a run of James Bond movies now, as we get to Pierce Brosnan's first outing as 007, GoldenEye.  This is dated in my notes at June 2, 2013.

GoldenEye Movie Poster

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Netflix Nonsense - Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Welcome back to Netflix Nonsense, where I sit and blog about what I just caught on Netflix.  Gotta get my $8/month worth, after all!  Now that I am Netflix-enabled, I guess that means it's time I indulge in that proud Netflix tradition of binging on an entire TV series.  And what better way to star than with Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Witty Title Pertaining To a New Podcast Being Posted

U62: The Targ -- My podcast

Sunday is here, that means it's time to put a brand new episode of U62: The Targ on ye olde Internet!  What are you going to get when you listen to my podcast this week?  Well....

  • I offer up my thoughts on Agents of SHIELD and entertain the notion that it might be getting better.
  • I dust off What's Wrong with Society to express my distaste for pun-based holidays.
  • Share a tale of my days in college, and when I first accepted that I'm getting old.
All this and more on this week's episode, Episode 7.07: 2 Sevens!

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fishing in the Discount Bin - License to Kill

Welcome back to Fishing in the Discount Bin, my weekly watch of something in my personal movie library, and then blogging about it, because I'm o so lonely.  This week, we return to the world of 007 with 1989's License to Kill.  This originally appeared in my notes at June 1, 2013.

License to Kill Movie Poster

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sunday. Podcast. Woo.

U62: The Targ -- My podcast

Nothing better on a Sunday than sleeping late, lying in bed, and listening to soothing sounds on the radio.  And the sounds don't get any more soothing than my podcast, U62: The Targ!  This week I dish up Episode 7.06: Just Another Saturday.  Topics of discussion include:
All this and more when you listen to this week's U62: The Targ!

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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Fishing in the Discount Bin -- Batman: The Animated Series - Volume 1

Welcome back to Fishing in the Discount Bin, my weekly viewing of something in my DVD/Blu-Ray/VHS library, and I blog about it, because I need some way of justifying why I spend so much time inside watching TV.  After finishing my run through all 12 Star Trek movies, it was time for a little pallet-cleanser, so I settled on Volume 1 of Batman: The Animated Series.  This appears in my notes at May 27, 2013.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Netflix Nonsense - Red Tails

Here we are again with Netflix Nonsense.  As I try to get the most out of my $8/month, I've decided to sit down and blog about what I just watched on Netflix.  We turn our attention now to what will probably go down in history as the final film produced by Lucasfilm before it was bought out by Disney, the World War II epic Red Tails

Red Tails movie poster

Monday, March 03, 2014

The Last of the Christmas Gift Cards

I've come to the realization that I've been heading into the city a lot more at the dawn of 2014 than I did at the start of 2013.  This time last year, I'd seen just one movie before summer blockbuster season rolled around.  Doing the count on my way home last night, I realized I'd seen four so far in 2014.  Of course, one factor is that, at this time in 2013, I was still knee-deep in moving to Westlock and settling into my new radio gig.  Another factor is there's just a lot more movies out now at this time that I want to see than this time last year.

The one that caught my eye this week was The Wind Rises.  Purportedly the final film from renowned Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki.  He'd grumbled about retiring in the past (1997's Princess Mononoke being the most famous example), but this time he held a whole press conference to say, "And this time, I mean it!"  Disney signed a big distribution deal with Studio Ghibli (Miyazaki's studio) back in the late-1990s, and whenever I see Disney is giving one of their films a big release, I make the effort to go see it.  Trust me, you guys, Studio Ghibli animation just looks amazing on the big screen.

There was some fear that Disney wasn't going to give The Wind Rises a big theatrical release.  The subject matter -- a highly romanticized biography of Jiro Horikoshi, one of Japan's most renowned aircraft designers -- seemed not Disney appropriate.  In fact, the last Studio Ghibli film, From Up on Poppy Hill, was distributed by a smaller company called GKIDS because Disney felt a tender coming-of-age story in early-1960s Tokyo wasn't marketable.  But, no doubt, with Miyazaki announcing this to be his final film, Disney felt there was a certain prestige to releasing it.  Disney circulated the subtitled version of the film back in the fall around the film festivals to qualify it for a Best Animated Film Oscar nomination, and then dubbed it for a wide release this February. 

I scanned the movie listings for where it was playing in Edmonton, and ran into a snag.  The only theatre in Edmonton where it's playing is at South Edmonton Common...quite some distance out of my way.  As I've confided to some friends, I've found winter driving -- especially winter driving in the city -- to be a lot more...panic-inducing this year.  I think I still might be a little spooked from when I hit that deer last year.  And when you get in the city, with icy streets and a dozen other cars crowding around you...it gets tough.  But, I'd been to South Edmonton Common a few times in the past, and I was fairly confident I could make the trip.  We are winter, after all.  Although, when they came up with hashtag, they were talking about winning gold Olympic medals, not driving in below-40 temperatures on icy city streets for a Fatburger.

(Yes, I noticed South Edmonton Common has a Fatburger, so tentative lunch plans were also made.)

I actually used to frequent South Edmonton Common quite often.  Back during the Great Year of Unemployment, when I was fresh out of NAIT and looking for my first radio job, I wasn't really unemployed.  I was working for my parents in the oilfield consulting firm.  The laboratory they used was on Edmonton's south side, as are several of Edmonton's radio stations.  So I'd hit the city, drop off the latest batch of soil samples at the lab, drop off my latest resume and demo at a few radio stations, and then hit South Edmonton Common for a movie.  I even discovered this little back way to South Edmonton Common.  Drive though town on the Whitemud, head south on 99th Street, and BOOM!  You're there.  And, what's changed since those years, is great swaths of the Anthony Henday Drive have been completed.  I theorized that I should be able to zip around to the south side on the Anthony Henday, head north on Gateway Boulevard, and be right there.  Google Maps confirmed my theory, so I was off to the city. 

But I wanted to hit my usual haunts on the northside first.  Dropped by Wal-Mart, where I got myself a cheap little shelving unit for $10.  If you ever visit my place,  you'll notice all these muddy footprints leading from my front door, all the way across my kitchen to my kitchen table, and then back to the front door.  That's because, when I come home with an armful of groceries and/or the mail, first thing I want to do is put that stuff down.  And my kitchen table was the closest shelf.  So I've been thinking, "I need a shelf right by the front door where I can put this stuff down, and stop with the muddy footprints."  And a cheap plastic shelving unit for $10 will fill the bill quite nicely. 

From there, to Best Buy, to spend the last of the Christmas gift cards.  Both Thor: The Dark World and Gravity came out this week, and I wanted to add both of them to my collection.  Back on Tuesday, I made the crack on the air that I'd probably be blowing my rent money on new Blu-Rays this month, only to quickly get a Facebook message from my mother joking, "You'll get no help with the rent if you spend it all on DVDs!"  Not to worry, Mom, the Christmas gift cards covered everything quite nicely. 

With my purchases stowed in the trunk, I was off to the south side!  My plan was perfect, for as soon as I got off the Anthony Henday and onto Gateway Boulevard, South Edmonton Common was the first thing  you saw on the right-hand side.  South Edmonton Common has grown quite a bit since I was last there some 8 years ago.  For those unfamiliar with Edmonton's geography, South Edmonton Common is a power centre.  It was one of Edmonton's first, I believe.  A power centre is when you've got three or four big box retailers as your anchor tenants, and the parking lots are filled with all manner of chain restaurants, outlet stores, and strip malls.  They've become synonymous with urban sprawl.  I, personally, am not a fan.  As many have pointed out, one of a power centre's big drawbacks is they're not pedestrian friendly.  Call me old-fashioned, but I like my malls and small town main streets where I can park in one spot and walk wherever I need to go.  But at a power centre, everything's sprawling, and you have to drive everywhere. 

I drove into the complex, immediately got lost in the maze of parking lots and chain restaurants as I looked for the Fatburger.  I gave up looking and pulled into my beloved Wendy's.  South Edmonton Common has grown quite significantly since I was last there some 8 years ago.  A lot more big boxes, and a lot more strip malls.  While I having lunch, I actually had to pull out my iPhone and use Google Maps to figure out how to get from the Wendy's to the Cineplex.  That still didn't stop me from getting lost amongst the strip malls, though, as I made my way across the Common.  I did marvel at some of the new additions (I don't think I'd ever seen an HMV that wasn't in a mall), before I finally got the Cineplex Odeon theatre.  I sighed a little bit.  8 years ago, I was amazed at how the theatre just kind of rose out of this great, empty parking lot, like a great cathedral to movies.  Now, it's just another big box amongst big boxes. 

I remember how the Cineplex Odeon at South Edmonton Common made a big splash in Edmonton when it opened up some 10 or 15 years ago.  It was the first theatre in Edmonton to feature such modern innovations as stadium seating, curved screens, and reclining seats.  And it's still a pretty impressive theatre after all these years.  Spent the last of my Cineplex Christmas gift card on my ticket, then went over to the concession.  I generally don't eat at the movies any more.  I tend to mostly go to matinees these days, and I find that I'm still full from lunch to actually eat more.  But along with that Christmas gift card, I got a pack of Cineplex coupons.  Upon closer inspection, I saw a lot of those coupons expire at the end of March, so I'd better use them.  I decided to at least get my free small popcorn.  Then the clerk pointed out that the coupon could also be used to get a regular popcorn for 50¢, so I upgraded to a regular.  And then I paid the extra 75¢ for butter on my popcorn because of course they charge extra for that.  And then of course I needed a Coke to wash it down.  With snacks in hand, I made my way into the theatre and settled in for The Wind Rises.  A foreign film without a lot of promotion, so of course there was only about a dozen other people in the theatre.

The Wind Rises movie poster

I'm still kind of digesting The Wind Rises.  It's one of those movies that sticks with you.  In doing a biography of a real individual, Miyazaki has made his most realistic film to date.  However, because you are doing such a tale in animation, it also makes it his most dreamlike.  Especially where you throw in scenes where young Jiro converses with idol in dreams, and the lines start blurring between dreams and reality in such scenes, makes it...interesting.

It does seem a tad like Forrest Gump, as Jiro manages to be on the scene for some of Japan's greatest historical events at the dawn of the 20th Century.  Forrest Gump is a good comparison, because much like Gump, Jiro doesn't seem to do much, but a heck of a lot happens around him.  And we don't really get to understand why his love of airplanes borders on obsession. 

It does kind of spark to life halfway through, though, when Jiro's childhood sweetheart Naoko returns and they begin a passionate romance that leads to marriage.  I'm a sucker for the romance. 

I watched the English dub.  Disney has released it subtitled in some markets, so consult your local listings.  The dub was directed by veteran Pixar sound designer Gary Rydstrom, who's directed the last couple of Studio Ghibli dubs.  The dubbing is pretty good, although I did find Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Jiro to come across as sleepy at times.  If this man loves his work and his wife so much, he should have more passion in his voice. 

So, yeah.  I'm still digesting the film.  It's a thinker.  It'll stick with you.  I've got my proper movie up over on my website, so click on the link to check that out. 

As I left the theatre and went back to my car, I came to a strange realization.  While I Google Mapped how to get into South Edmonton Common, I didn't figure out how to reverse the situation.  I had no idea how to get back on to Calgary Trail, and then the Anthony Henday.  As I pondered my fate, I looked over and saw the exit onto 99th Street.  "Well, may as well go the old way," I thought to myself.  I went north on 99th Street, let my instincts take over, and before long, I was on the Whitemud and heading for home.

And I think that'll do it for me.  I think I need a break from heading into the city.  It does get costly to travel so much when you're on a radio salary.  Besides, looks like things are going to get quiet now, movie-wise.  Not much else coming out now until Captain America hits theatres in a month.  So, like the rest of everyone, I think it's time to hunker down, put on a fire (if you have a fireplace), switch on Netflix, and wait out the cold. 

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Are You Ready for a Podcast? How About Mine?

U62: The Targ -- My podcast

It's Sunday!  You're probably sleeping in.  You're just lazing in bed and thinking,  "Hey.  Some musical accompaniment to this slumber would be nice."  So then, just for you, I've put together this episode of U62: The Targ, entitled Episode 7.05:  Beautiful Dreams.  You will experience:

  • A harrowing trip to the south side of Edmonton!  (May not actually be harrowing)
  • A thrilling review of the film The Wind Rises!  (May not actually be thrilling)
  • And, while everyone will remember Harold Ramis for Ghostbusters, I'll tell you what I'll remember him the most for.
All this and more on today's episode of U62: The Targ!

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Oh, and I just want to share this.  Messing around with my Soundcloud account, I thought I'd post my favourite ID that I made for the Targ.