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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Well, day 2 of working produce at IGA is done. Oy, I'm glad it's just a summer job. I really don't think I could make a living at this. Lots of heavy lifting, lots of running about, but at least I'm nice and far from idiot customers. I'm still in the training phase, so they're still taking it easy on me. I've still kept it secret that this is just a summer job and I'm quitting at the end of August. Which makes me feel like a dirty liar when they keep telling me about what kind of benefits kick in at the 1-year mark, the 3-year mark, and the 5-year mark. They really were looking for a career man for this. All I know is, after a nine-hour shift of hauling around boxes of apples, my feet are killing me!

Although, today, I had an interesting thought. I told you that Yves now works at a sex shop, right? I was thinking about this as I peeled lettuce today, and I thought, "Wow, she must have a story or two working that job." Then, I realized that everyone must have a story or two about their job. So, I devised this bit for my radio show. I go out and interview someone who does a slightly-above-normal job. You know, like a clerk in a sex shop, or the projectionist at the IMAX theatre. I produce this into a minute-30 feature for my radio show, and see how the listeners react. The working title is Gee, That Job Sounds Interesting.

And now, I should get to some of the big DVD news of the day. We've known about this for a while now, but an official announcement finally came down the line today. On August 21, Paramount Home Entertainment will finally release the long-awaited DVD boxed set:

Star Trek: the Original Series - Season 1

This 8-disc set contains all 29 episodes of the first season of the original Star Trek. For bonus bits, you get this complete series of featurettes:

The Birth of a Timeless Legend - The development of the show
Life Beyond Trek: William Shatner - An interview with William Shatner about the show.
Reflections on Spock - Same thing, only with Leonard Nimoy
To Boldly Go... - Discussion with cast and crew members about key episodes of Season 1.
Sci-Fi Visionaries - A recap of some of the famous sci-fi authors who contributed to the show at the time.

Plus, you'll also get a nifty text commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda on four episodes.


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