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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Well, as soon as I get offline, I'm going to call up IGA and tell them they've got a new cashier. I will admit, I'm having second thoughts, mainly because a heard a few horror stories about working at IGA when I worked at Extra Foods. Nothing too horrific, just that, when things are slow, they like to see their cashiers keep busy, not like Extra Foods where they'd let us just plain goof off when things were slow. And, apparently, at IGA, they REALLY don't like seeing their cashiers gossip with each other when things are slow.

I mean, I really shouldn't let this frighten me off. I'm sure every minimum wage shit job has its share of horror stories. Hell, I'm sure I've told more than my fair share to keep people from working at Extra Foods. And besides, as the folks have pointed out, it's just summer job. August 31, I'm outta there!

Anywho, before I go, some quick movie news. The Canadian distributor of Michael Moore's next, Farenheight 9/11, is Alliance Atlantis. A-A was also distributor and co-producer of Bowling for Columbine. Because American distribution for F911 went to Canadian company Lions Gate Films, there was some fear that Lions Gate would swipe Canadian distribution from A-A. Luckily, those fears were unfounded. A-A plans to open the film in Canada on June 25, same day it comes out in the States.

And, boy o boy, I saw the for Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride. This one has been slipping under the radar quite a bit on my movie gossip websites. Essentially, it's Tim Burton's long awaited return to stop-motion animation, his last one being the now-classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Corpse Bride is based on an old Easter European folk tale. It's about a man who's tricked into marrying a dead woman. So then, with the help of his zombie wife, the man seeks revenge on those who tricked him. The animation is being done by Will Vinton Studios, still best remembered for creating the California Raisins back in the 80s.

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