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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Here's the latest on my "Get a lawn sign from every candidate" scheme.

Only hold-outs right now are the Greens and Liberals. Greens tell me that their closest volunteer has my name + number, so it's just a waiting game now. The lone hold-out seemed to be the Liberals. I phoned them again this morning and got their voice mail again! That made 4 messages. Then, this afternoon, I went for a walk in the rain, and came back to find a message on MY voice mail. It was...the Liberal candidate himself! He apologized for not getting back to me, citing that the Liberals in this area are rather short-handed. Anywho, just like with the Greens, my name and number has been passed along to their closest volunteer, and, according to his message, I'll be getting my sign within the next few days.

This has been a rough day for me. I have this brilliant idea for a short story right now, and I'd love to sit down and write it, but I just feel like doing nothing. My parents are gone for the evening, so this is one of those few times where I can watch a DVD without my Dad bitching about me "watching this movie again." But I really should write this story! Argh! It's a horrible thing, to be blessed with unimaginable talents, but cursed with the lack of ambition to do anything with them.

And the folks took both vehicles, too. Meaning I've gotta cook something for dinner! I just can't drive to the grocery store in the next town and get something. More of the blessing/curse stuff.

Next Issue...The Nothing

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