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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Joy! Spider-Man 2 comes out today!

More joy! News I've been waiting for for a really long time has come! On Tuesday, September 7, we will finally see the release of the most anticipated DVD ever!

The Iron Giant: Special Edition

Warner Brothers has been teasing us with this since Y2K. It was supposed to come out a year ago, but the WB decided to push it back until now so they could piggy-back off the hype for director Brad Bird's next film, The Incredibles. Well, it was announced today that it finally comes out September 7!

We'll be getting: a brand-new digital transfer of the film, running commentary by Brad Bird and others on his crew, 8 deleted scenes, 13 featurettes, the original "making of" TV special (that was on the original DVD), concept art, notes from Ted Hughes (he wrote the book The Iron Man that served as inspiration for the film), and a couple of Easter eggs. FINALLY! Finally finally finally!

Wow. Sept. 7 is going to be a big DVD day for me. We got Clerks X, Star Trek Generations: Special Edition, and now this.

Oh, and I've been meaning to mention. I told you before that, on August 31, Disney was going to release their latest batch of Miyazaki films. Well, for some unknown reason, Disney has pushed back the release. The new release date is TBA.

Next Issue...The Iron Woman

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