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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Well, my scheme to get a lawn sign for every candidate in my riding is underway. Today, I sat down with the phone numbers of every campaign HQ in this riding and called each one with my request. Actually, I figured that I could tell quite a bit depending on how the phone was answered. This is how all 5 parties in my area handled themselves on the phone:

Liberals - I got voice mail. I left a message, giving my phone number and a request for a lawn sign.

NDP - Phone rang for quite a bit. The guy who eventually answered was quite out of breath. He must have sprinted from the washroom or something. Anyway, he was happy and enthusiastic. He told me that their sign crews will be swinging through town on Friday, so they'll be sure to pop in and drop one off.

Conservatives - Wow! They're convinced that this riding is a lock. Even though I called at 11:30 am, the campaign volunteer sounded as though I got her out of bed! She took my name and number, and said someone will get back to me.

Green - The candidate himself answered the phone! He was very excited that a supporter actually called. He also took my name and number and said someone will get back to me, and he also mentioned that on Friday the 18th he'll be addressing the Edson Chamber of Commerce, and I'm more than welcome to sit in for that. He also offered to give me a few brouchures to distribute around Entwistle. Holy moly, he was excited that he had a supporter.

Christian Heritage - I spoke to a grandmotherly voice. Again, seemed rather excited to have a supporter. Said that it'd be too far for me to drive to their place in Barhead and pick one up, so she gave me the number of their closest volunteer (45 min drive away) because he might have a few extra signs. Called his number, no one home.

Yeah, I hope my parents don't freak out. Each campaign office phone number was long distance. My riding - Yellowhead - is a massive one. It stretches from the Spruce Grove City Limits to the Jasper National Park border. That's almost 400 km wide. In the last election, the only candidates forum was in Hinton - 2 hours away. I really envy my city friends, whose ridings are only a few blocks wide and the candidate's forum is at the community hall down the street. Stupid representation by population.... I'm starting to think my efforts would be better focused on trying to get a candidate's forum in Entwistle.

Next Issue...Election Fever! Catch it!

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