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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Well, it's over and done. We've got a Liberal minority government. Fun times ahead. A few things I saw on the election coverage last night struck me as scary. Any one else find it scary that Duceppe had to go out of his way to thank the good ol' boys of Quebec independence? Who else finds it scary that most Conservatives look like old good ol' boys? Yeah, I still think that we're going to need another election or two before the last radical remnants of the Reform/Alliance are culled out of the Conservatives.

And now, let's get ready to do it all over again! For those who haven't been following the Alberta media, Klein is getting everyone into election mode. Ever since he won the last election, he's been saying, "Next one in spring 2005!" But, just a few weeks ago, he started saying, "Ya know, I'm starting to think that a fall 2004 provincial election would be better!" Pundits are saying that this Liberal minority backed by the NDP will make Klein paranoid enough to do it. Gotta keep those lefties at bay!

Oh, and I"ve got to share this really cool DVD news. Makes me wish I were still in Japan, or at least had a region 2 DVD player. On January 11, 2005, Toho studios is releasing Godzilla Final Box: 50th Anniversary Perfect Collection. This massive 27-disc boxed set will contain EVERY Godzilla movie, including the American version of the original starring Raymond Burr and the 1998 American film from the creators of Independence Day. Plus, there'll be three discs of bonus material, and an empty spot to add the final Godzilla film when it finally comes out on DVD (It hits Japanese theatres in December). And it's all in a latex case that looks like it's made from Godzilla's hide. All for the low, low price of 100,000 yen! And only in Japan.

And now, to resume counting down the minutes to Spider-Man 2! Trouble comes home from China soon, so the tenative plans are to see it with her on Sunday, July 11.

Next Issue...Spidey 2!!

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