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Saturday, June 19, 2004

And we're entering the final week of the election! Looks like the Conservatives just shot themselves in the foot with this whole child porn thing. Despite what Stephen Harper says, it looks like a minority government is still the most likely outcome. That's what I'm finding weird about the polls. The polls now show the Conservatives with a slim lead, but the polls also say that Paul Martin will make the better prime minister! So, who will the people vote for: the party or the man in charge? As my Dad has been saying, it ain't over until the last ballot's counted.

Actually, some something interesting in today's paper that was election related. It was paid for by the Edmonton City Council and signed by mayor Bill Smith. But the ad wasn't in support of any one party or candidate. The ad said, "Look, these are the issues that directly affect how we run your city," and then it listed the issues. The ad then implored the people to find out where the candidates and parties stand on these issues, and gave the phone numbers for every Liberal, Conservative, and NDP candidate in Edmonton! Now that, I think, is cool.

And, seeing as to how I was busy all this week with the new job and all, I"m going to get back to trying to procure a lawn sign for every candidate in the Yellowhead riding. Liberals and Greens are still missing from my collection. I was hoping to put them all up on my lawn at the same time, but time is running short in this here election. Oh, well. Klein is threatening to have the next provincial election this fall, so I'll try again in the provincial election!

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