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Thursday, June 10, 2004

New wrinkle in my job hunt. As I was about to call and accept the cashier's position, I got a call from IGA's produce manager. They want me to be a produce clerk. Quite frankly, he made a better offer. And produce clerk does sound better than cashier. You're dealing with less customers, and just making sure the fruits and veggies stay nice and fresh. And besides, this is a full time gig! Ka-ching!

Yeah, only problem with a full time gig is it'll cut into vacation time. When Mr. Anderson comes up in the weeks ahead, I probably won't be able to go visit him. Which is kinda a good thing, actually. He's coming for his brother's wedding, so I really shouldn't head down there and steal him away and all that. Besides, I'm starting to think about doing my practicum in Vancouver, in which case, I'll just live with Mr. Anderson!

Anywho, job interview for produce is tomorrow at high noon. Let's see how that goes.

Oh, and a bit of DVD news. It's just been announced that, on September 7, Miramax will be releasing the Clerks: 10th Anniversary Edition DVD. This 3-disc set will also feature the Sundance edit of the film; the cut that was shown at the Sundance film festival and used to shop the film around to distributors. And, what was announced months ago, also on this DVD, Kevin Smith will bring his comic book Clerks: The Lost Scene to animated life.

Sadly, these things won't be on the disc: the never-shown-on-television pilot episode for the live-action Clerks sitcom. And, the documentary Oh, What a Lovely Tea Party. This 3-hour documentary was made by Kevin Smith's wife, and is all about the making of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Next Issue...Laundry Day!

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