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Friday, June 25, 2004

Argh! This new job is so frustrating! I get home, and I'm so exhausted, I can't sit down and share the brilliant thoughts I have! But now, the weekend is here! So, let's take a moment to play catch-up. Here are my brilliant thoughts:

- Pizza spelled backwards is Azzip.

But seriously....

- So, I get TeleToon now, and I've been watching quite a few reruns of Rocket Robin Hood. You know, as cool as it was, think about it. It's a concept that was never taken as far as it could have gone. Let's look at the original legend of Robin Hood. Prince John came to power because King Richard the Lionhearted was off in Europe fighting in the Crusades. Now, what does this mean for Rocket Robin Hood? Is there a galactic Richard the Lionhearted? Is he off fighting a cosmic crusade? I don't know. When I'm rich and famous, Rocket Robin Hood is going to be the second cartoon I remake/re-imagine. First is still Visionaries.

- Here's the big comic book movie news you've been waiting for. It's official, The Punisher 2 ain't gonna happen. The original plan hammered out between Lion's Gate Films and Marvel was to go full-bore into a sequel immediatly. Well, The Punisher did OK, but, now as they take a second look at the numbers, they figure it didn't do well enough to warrant a sequel. So, the Punisher 2 has been put on hold.

- Here's another DVD to add to my wish list. Coming out on August 10: Late Night with Conan O'Brian: The Best of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

- Some sad DVD news. Disney was planning to release the next spurt of Hayo Miyzaki films on August 31. Now, for some unknown reason, they've been pushed back indefinitly.

I guess I should mention that Michael Moore's latest, Fahrenheight 9/11 hits theatres today! I can hardly wait to go see it. Let the controversies begin! Actually, I was just reading this online. Down in Texas, a right wing pro-Bush group is planning a film festival of pro-conservative, pro-bush films. Right now, they are in negotiations to see if they can have the world premiere of two anti-Michael Moore documentaries. The first one I've talked about before, Michael Moore Hates America. The second one they tell us is a much bigger budget effort. It's called Michael & Me, and it's the work of right-wing radio talk show host Larry Elder. Elder tells us that his film is a direct response to Bowling for Columbine. Elder says the highlight of his film is a take off of Moores's A Brief History of America cartoon. Elder's cartoon is a faux interview with Moore in which Moore, unable to answer "tough" questions about Bowling for Columbine, snaps, pulls a gun, and guns down the interviewer. I don't know, I think that's a bit nastier than the Brief History of America.

But still, I can't deny a rather large dose of curiosity about these anti-Moore films. Some movie critics are starting to call this a new sub-genre of documentary: the filmed op-ed (opinion/editorial. Yeah, I had to look it up.)

And Moore has even waded into the Canadian federal election here. At the Toronto premiere of Farenheight 9/11, Moore officially came out against Stephen Harper and urged Canadians to not vote Conservative. I believe his quote was, "I keep telling America to be more like Canada! So Canada, stop trying to be more like us!" And now, even Ralph Nader has come out against the Conservatives! Nader says that the Conservatives will erode Canada's social programs.

Now, you're going to hate me for saying this, but I found a part of the Conservative platform today that I like. Turns out that the Conservatives want to dump more money into the railroads. They figure that the railroads are a more efficient, cost-effective way to ship goods, so it just makes better business sense to have stronger railroads.

And, in today's paper, I see the Green Party has a similar platform. The Greens want to dump more money into Via. The soundbyte simply was, "Restore full Via service to all major cities."

Being a railroad junkie, I love this. Still ain't gonna vote Conservative, though.

Oh, and one last thing, I don't know about you, but I'm going to be watching the CBC's coverage of the election on Monday night. Commentary by Rick Mercer, baby!

Next Issue...Og ot azzip

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