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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

So, I finally swung by the NAIT website today and downloaded my report card. God bless the Internet. In case anyone out there is curious, my best class was news, with a final mark of 93%. I don't know. If my news instructor was pressuring me to choose news as my career path before, this'll probably give her more ammo. Back in January, just two weeks into the semester, she came up to me and said that I'd be perfect for news. Her exact words: "You seem to know just enough about everything." Conversly, my worst was promotions at 67%. I tell ya, sometimes I felt like the only one in my group doing any of the work. My team leader being disinterested in my part of the project, I found I spent a lot of time in the instructor's office just obsessing over whether I was doing it all properly.

But enough of that. I keep swearing that I don't want to turn this blog into another, "Oh, here's what I did today. Boy my life sucks." blog because, well, let's be honest. Too many of those exist.

Guess what I caught on TV tonight? Here Comes Garfield, the very first Garfield animated special from way back in 1982. Which is when I first (and last) saw it. Wow. I forgot how grim the plot was. The plot? Odie is taken away to the dog pound, so Garfield launches a rescue mission. Garfield is captured, too, and soon he and Odie are plotting their escape before they get put to sleep!

What I found to be the cool thing about it was the animation style. See, the very first Garfield animated specials were done by the same folks who did the Charlie Brown animated specials. So, the animation style in Here Comes Garfield was identical to the style in Charlie Brown!

Cool thing #2 was the origin of a running gag in most of the Garfield animated speicals. I had no idea it started in the first one. The gag goes like this. Garfield is approaching some ominous situation. Then, there's a bolt of lightening and a thunder crack! Garfield turns into the camera and says, "Nice touch."

So, yeah. Every night this week at 7:30 MT, YTV is showing one of the classic Garfield TV specials. This is all to help hype the long-awaited live-action Garfield movie, hitting theatres this Friday. I should start talking to my sister about when we're gonna see it.... What can I say? When my sister was a kid, she was a nut for all things Garfield. When I told her about this film, she said, "Well, you know, you're going to have to take me to it because you're the only one in the family who still makes time for movies."

Next Issue...My Sister's Keeper

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