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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Another grey, rainy Sunday afternoon. Guess I should write a column....

Anywho, my current geek outs over Pokemon continue. After hearing on the Jirachi Wish Maker DVD that the design of #7 will be based on Vancouver, I went poking around to see what I could find. I wound up at the official Japanese Pokemon website where I watched the Japanese trailer. I forwarded it to Mr. Anderson, who forwarded it to one of his best buddies in Japan, and as far as he can figure, the title translate to "Visitor from the Fissure in the Sky."

And yes, the design of the city does strongly resemble Vancouver. It's a futuristic city of steel and glass nestled between the mountains and the sea. Trees line every street, and the Northern Lights shimmer every night.

And, since my birthday is in a month, here's what you can get me: a GPS unit. Dad needed a part for his, and I went along. Naturally, the salesman tried to sell Dad a new one, and wow! We all knew the technology was heading in this direction, but I didn't think it was avaiable now.

What I'm talking about is called mapping capability. Now, GPS units come with a slot where you put in a flash memory card; just like in your digital camera or MP3 player. On these cards are maps. You plug in the map of Alberta. It brings up your position and overlays it with the map of Alberta, so you really know exactly where you are. And then, the salesman started talking about the maps. "All of our locations are in here, so you can always find the nearest store. All McDonald's locations are in here.... And hey! Even every Tim Horton's location. You'll always know where the nearest Tim Horton's is!" The GPS unit that the salesman was showing off cost $270, plus an extra $160 for the map cards.

If you don't want to spend that much, then you can get me one that doesn't have mapping capabilities, just like my Dad's. Talk about advancments in technology! I bought my Dad's for him for Father's Day 7 years ago. It cost $300. Now, one just like is half the size, takes half as many batteries, gets 3 times the power out of the batteries, and only costs half the price. One of those would be nice, too.

Now, to write a column.

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