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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

just gotta tell you, I'm totally geeking out right now. My folks are working at home now, right? So, today, they send me into Edmonton to pick up office supplies, and I think to myself, "Hey! Doesn't Pokemon 6 come out today?" And it did! And I got it!

I'm getting to the total geek out.

So, back in Japan, as I watched Pokemon every Thursday night, I just loved the closing credits theme; this crazy, India-flavoured disco thing sung by Meowth. When I bought my CD of every Pokemon theme, I was highly disappointed that my song wasn't on it.

So I get home, pop in the DVD, and figure that I'll watch the Pokemon short film first. The opening credits start, and what song do they play?

The crazy, India-flavoured disco thing sung by Meowth. Translated into English and sung by Meowth's English voice, of course.

So I grin and start jumping around like an idiot. And then, as the short film continues, what do I find?

The whole short film centres around this song.

This is where I start totally geeking out.

See, here's the plot of the short film. Team Rocket is getting ready to open up their new HQ. Pikachu and the gang crash the party. So, Meowth and his gang chace Pikachu and his gang throughout Team Rocket's HQ (which looks kinda like a mini-golf course on steroids). But, here's the catch. Meowth has this gadget that makes pokemon dance. Throughout the madcap chase, this gadget constantly gets accidentally activated, the song starts to play, and everything turns into a big disco dance number.

I gotta say, it's crazy. I've got to find some way to rip the song off the DVD so I can play it on my show this fall.

Sadly, though, the folks cancelled their evening plans, and I couldn't watch the sixth film, Jirachi Wish Maker. Rest assured, I'll watch it tomorrow afternoon and have a reivew this time tomorrow!

Next Issue...Dance Party!

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