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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Really Important News

New York Fries is expanding into hamburger restaurants. New York Fries calls their burger places "the South St. Burger Co." For the time being, they've only got 4 locations in Toronto and area.

The A&W tuba jingle is officially known as "Ba-Dum Ba-Dum" and it's credited to recording artist "Major Ursa." In reality, "Major Ursa" is Vancouver session musician Sharman King.

And here's the latest on the new Star Trek film. And yes, I still just can't get excited about it.

Well-known Canadian character actor Bruce Greenwood has just joined the cast as Captain Christopher Pike. He's had such notable roles as Ashley Judd's sleazy husband in Double Jeopardy and JFK in Thirteen Days. He'll be playing the president of the USA in the upcoming holiday blockbuster National Treasure 2.

For those who don't give a rat's ass about Star Trek continuity, Christopher Pike was the captain of the Enterprise BEFORE Captain Kirk took command.

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