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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Latest Targ's Up!

Ah, it's funny how you think something that's NOT going to affect your life affects your life greatly. Take my upstairs neighbours for instance. When they first announced that the Mrs. was pregnant, they told me that I was to lead my life as normal, that I could be as loud and as noisy as I usually am. "We're not going to get used to the baby, the baby's going to get used to US!" they proudly told me.

The baby's around six months old now, and the baby's bedtime is 7PM. I know this, because every Saturday night at around 7:01PM, I get this phone call from upstairs:

"Yeah, we're having trouble getting the baby to sleep. Could you turn down your home theatre sound system, please?"

I tell ya, it's a real buzzkill to Movie Night.

So, on this particular movie night, I decided to shut things down and go ahead and post this week's episode of U62: The Targ a little early.

This week, it's Episode 2.21: Nuts in a Grocery Store. I give you an update on the new Batman movie, I offer my thoughts on the Olympic torch, and, as I like to do every year at this time, I tell the story of why we celebrate Family Day.

So, go give it a listen! And be sure to keep it turned down, so as not to wake the baby.

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