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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

See? I Remembered!

I remembered the rest of my brilliant thoughts from yesterday!

Yes, the rest of my thought had to do with Hot Wheels and other tiny toy cars of that type. This is predominant on my mind because down at the Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy, the aisles are currently glutted with Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and all other manner of toy cars. That, and I have a renewed interest in them, having gotten some as a gag for Christmas.

I guess the source of my obsession is how come the toy car collectors never receive much press? Here I am, an action figure collector, and I'm a social pariah, frequently the butt of jokes on sitcoms the world over. Every couple of years, usually around the anniversary of Barbie, you hear of Barbie collectors and their conventions. But the toy car collectors? They get to exist in anonymity.

How come they get off easy?

Granted, I do boast a couple of toy cars in my collection. Given my love for all things Batman, of course I have a couple of Batmobiles. Because of my love for Speed Racer, I've got a couple of Mach 5's. And, I even have a soft spot for Herbie the Love Bug from my youth, so I snapped up a Herbie when I had the chance. My holy grail is still a DeLorean Time Machine, from Back to the Future.

It seems that every little boy goes through a phase where they're all about the toy cars. And wow, did Pixar find a way to tap into that. For the Pixar junkies like me, Cars is generally regarded as the lesser of their films to date. However, in terms of merchandise sales, Cars is the most successful film Pixar has made to date.

So, yeah. Cars. That was my brilliant thought. Not as brilliant as I thought, but there it is.

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