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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Watchmen on DVD

So, they've announced when one of the biggest movies of the spring, Watchmen, is coming on DVD. As is the normal situation these days, there'll be three versions: single-disc, 2-disc special edition, and Blu-Ray. Bonus feature breakdown:

Single disc:
  • The movie. That's it.
2-disc special edition:
  • As previously announced, it'll boast an "extended edition" of the film, running 25 minutes longer than what you saw in theatres.
  • The Phenomenon: the Comic that Changed Comics - Documentary about the original comic
  • All 11 episodes of director Zack Snyder's "making of" Internet documentaries
  • The music video of My Chemical Romance's cover of Desolation Row
  • A digital copy of the film, so you can legally watch it on your iPod
  • Everything mentioned above in the 2-disc special edition
  • "Immersive maximum movie mode." This is becoming a big thing on Blu-Ray. No longer satisfied with the traditional running commentary, you can also watch special featurettes via picture-in-picture, and the director appears on screen to point out certain things and such forth.
  • Sync up with Facebook! In case you don't know yet, most Blu-Ray players have high speed Internet cards so you can connect them to the internet, and thus download new bonus materials. They call it "BD-Live." It's DVD-ROM bonus material taken to it's next step. Anyway, with the Watchmen Blu-Ray, you'll be able to sync up with your Facebook account, so you can comment on the film, chat with friends, and pretty much do all the crap you normally do on Facebook while you watch the film.
July 28 is when it hits your favourite DVD emporium.

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