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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One of My Minor Obsessions

I've been trying to upload this to my Facebook page, but my BlackBerry and Facebook must have had a lovers quarrel or something because they're currently not talking to each other. So, I'll have to go old-school to upload this blurry photo taken by my cellphone.

Yup, that's a glass bottle of Sprite.

One of my minor obsessions is glass pop bottles. Relics of a bygone age. They were still rather commonplace in my childhood, and something about having pop from a glass bottle -- the kind that you need a bottle opener to open -- was rather special.

So, I've got a tiny colleciton of glass pop bottles on the go. When I saw these in Safeway the other day, I geeked out. $5 for a six-pack. Coke is quite common, but Sprite -- another Coke product -- doesn't get trotted out as frequently.

In case you're curious about what else I've got in my tiny collection, I've got a Coke bottle (naturally). I also have a bottle of Canada Dry that I brought back from Japan. There was a liquor store just around the corner from my apartment that sold Canada Dry in glass bottles for just ¥90.

And it's not technically pop, but I've also got a glass bottle of Red Bull. My sister brought that one back from Europe 10 years ago. She was cleaning out her closet a couple years back, and as she was about to haul it off to the bottle depot, I said, "Hey! Can I have that for my collection of glass pop bottles?" And she said yes.

So, yeah. Pop tastes better from a glass bottle.

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