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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Next DC Comics DTV Movie Is....

Alright, readers of the blog know that I've been loving the DC Comics direct-to-DVD animated movies.  The next one, Batman: Under the Red Hood, comes out at the end of July, and they've just revealed what the one coming after that one is.  Coming after that one is....

Superman/Batman: Apocolypse

See, last year's film, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, sold so well that the DC higher-ups ordered a sequel be made.  Seeing as to how Public Enemies was based on the first storyline in the Superman/Batman comic, Apocalypse is based on the second storyline in the Superman/Batman comics.

The plot is thus.  Turns out that giant Kryptonite meteor that threatened the Earth contained a surprise:  a Kryptonian life-support pod.  Inside, in suspended animation, is Kara Zor-El, the woman who will become Supergirl.  Superman leaves her in the care of Wonder Woman and the Amazons in order to help her adjust to life on Earth, but the evil warlord Darkseid abducts her and brainwashes her so she'll join the Female Furies -- Darkseid's all-girl hit squad.  So, once again, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight must join forces to turn back Darkseid's invasion and bring Kara back from the dark side.

No word yet on who's in the voice cast.  I'm sure that'll all be announced in the bonus features on Batman: Under the Red Hood, because that's how they've done it in the past.  Superman/Batman: Apocalypse hits your favourite DVD emporium on September 28. 

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