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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Mystery Pack #2

So, a few weeks ago, doing this "posting old radio experiments" thing, I shared a little something called Mystery Pack #1.  This was an attempt to do something a friend of mine suggested...come with a really short podcast (under 5 min long) to provide a tasty surprise for folks when they set their MP3 players to "shuffle."

I thought I only made the one episode as a "proof of concept."  Turns out I made a second.

As I said last time, my big problem with this was coming up with engaging content.  This is actually an excerpt from my podcast.  I remember when I initially recorded it, I was like, "Ooo!  That's awesome!  Gotta save it for a mystery pack!"  And I did.

I'm glad I saved the original audio for doing this.  Any attempt at re-creating it would drain it of its energy.

Anyway, for this second mystery pack, it's the story behind this photo.

This is the story of the greatest day of my life.

The Second Mystery Pack by Mark Cappis

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