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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hotel Transylvania Trailers

I wanted to blog about this when the first trailer came out back in the spring, but things got busy and I put it off too much.  The second trailer just came out, and that seems to be as good an opportunity to sit down and blog about Hotel Transylvania.

At the outset, the premise seems OK.  Dracula, tired of him and his fellow monsters always being hunted and persecuted by humankind, builds a luxury resort deep with in the mountains of Transylvania where he and his fellow monsters can just chill and relax without any humans bugging them.  Then, one day, one lost American backpacking across Europe stumbles into this hotel, and Dracula has to hide this human from all the other monsters lest he cause a panic among his guests.

I'm mildly curious about this one because the director is Genndy Tartakovsky.  Tartakovsky, of course, is the renowned animator who brought us such Cartoon Network classics as Dexter's Lab, Samurai Jack, and the original Clone Wars cartoon.  He's been working to get into movies for a while, now.  For a long time, he was working on developing a sequel to The Dark Crystal, and as a fun little side project, he storyboarded the action scenes in Iron Man 2.  This is his feature film directing debut.

Here's the first trailer.  I still want to show this one because I do love the shillouettes of the monsters packing up and leaving for the titular hotel.  The artwork is very Tartakovsky-esque.

The animation house behind this one is Sony Pictures Animation, which seems to be just bubbling under the surface when it comes to making good stuff.  I was pleasantly surprised with Surf's Up  and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, but I have to bring myself to see The Smurfs.

Even though the film is not one of Adam Sandler's Happy Madison productions, a lot of the Happy Madison gang shows up in the film.  Sandler himself voices Dracula, David Spade is the Invisible Man, Kevin James is Frankie (aka Frankenstein's monster), Steve Buscemi as Wayne (the wolfman) and Molly Shannon as his wife.  Andy Samburg is Johnathon, that average backpackers who stumbles into the place, and Disney kid Selena Gomez is Dracula's daughter Mavis.

Here's the second trailer which just came out, in which we get more of the plot, such as Johnathon and Mavis falling for each other.

Hotel Transylvania hits theatres on September 28.

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