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Friday, February 07, 2014

The Super Bowl Trailers

I haven't had a chance this week to sit down and blog & share my favourite movie trailers from the Super Bowl.  So, let's get to it!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster

First up, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  I could post the 30-second Super Bowl spot...or I could share the new 2.5 minute trailer that Super Bowl spot advertised.  Trailer it is!

My thoughts:  looking good!  Nice to see more shots of the Falcon in action.  This one has been described as a more of a political thriller than the other Marvel films to date, and they really seem to be playing that up.  And from when it was screened at the San Diego Comic Con, I've heard that that elevator fight we glimpse is one of the best close-quarters action scenes ever put to screen.  I'm liking it.  Hitting theatres on April 4. 

Next up, The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  Once again, I could post the 30-second Super Bowl spot...or I could share the 4-minute trailer that the spot was advertising.  4 minutes of Spidey it is!

My thoughts:  I do have a bit of unease about this one.  As we all know, superhero films tend to go downhill pretty quick when they start cramming in too many villains, and we get glimpses of Electro, Rhino, and Green Goblin.  They really seem to be focusing on Electro as the main villain, though.  And again, kind of borrowing from The Incredibles and Iron Man 3where the villain tends to be a superfan of the hero, and becomes all jilted and vengeful when the hero inadvertently blows them off.  The more I see, the more I feel like I've seen it before.  But still, cautious optimism.  Coming out on May 2. 

And lastly the latest in Michael Bay's take on my favourite from my childhood, the fourth in the Transformers saga, Transformers: Age of Extinction.  


My thoughts:  alfjdlafldsnldsnfnaDKDANLORJAOINAND  DINOBOTS!!!!  That is all.  June 27.

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