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Monday, April 28, 2014

Adventures in Chia

Back in December, I was chillin' out, watching TV, and an ad for a Chia Pet came on.  So, I took to Twitter and made this remark.

Flash forward to Christmas morning, and I made a shocking discovery.

So, back in January, I cracked open the box, and set out to grow my Chia Pet.  But I figured that this was an experience that needed to be shared with the world.  I filmed the unboxing and then I set up my camera in the hopes of doing a time-lapse thing to chart it's growth.  And then edit it all together into a YouTube video.

I've had the video sitting on my computer about 3/4ths finished for a month now, so back on Saturday, I said, "Today's the day I finally get it done."  And get it done I did, and now it's on YouTube for the world to enjoy.

If you've got 7 minutes to kill, please enjoy "Adventures in Chia."

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