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Sunday, October 09, 2016

How about a Thanksgiving Targ?

U62: The Targ

Well, here I am, home alone on this Thanksgiving weekend, so however will I pass the time?  Let me answer this question with a meme.

It's the "Cat Reading a Newspaper" meme with the caption, "I should do a podcast."

And so, here I am, rolling out October Special: Turkey Time!  What rambles have been brewing inside me all summer long?

  •     How I spent my summer vacation, recounting my recent adventure in the mountains
  •     Force Friday, and getting my hands on all the Rogue One toys for my collection
  •     Recapping some of the summer blockbusters, with some reminiscing on Ghostbusters and Star Trek Beyond
  •     And we take a moment to lament the demise of Shomi

All this, and a little bit more, in October Special: Turkey Time!

Go check it out on the main site!

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