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Sunday, August 16, 2020

This Week, Episode 10.17: Lotta Binging

U62: The Targ -- The Chaos in a Box Podcast

It’s been a pretty quiet week for me, and that’s reflected in this quiet podcast. About the most exciting thing I did was I ran out to try KFC’s new plant-based chicken, so you’ll hear that in this episode as part of a new installment of Mark Tastes Random Things. Agents of SHIELD had their final episode, so I take a moment to reflect. Over on The Streaming Report, I decide to correct the fact that I’ve never seen a Fast & The Furious film. And I wrap things up by going down a G.I. Joe rabbit hole.

And that’s all in Episode 10,17: Lotta Binging!

You can listen at:

Oh!  And I mention in this week's episode that I filmed my sampling of the KFC plant-based chicken for a YouTube video.  You can watch that below!

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